Best Wearable Tech Gadgets For Fitness

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If you're an enthusiast sport person, then surely desire to own a wearable tech device that could help to track your fitness goal and monitor personalize statistical indicators such as  calories burned, heartbeat rate, distance tracker and step taken.

There are tons of wearable gadgets on the market today, such as bands, watches and trackers, you definitely could find one that suit your needs.

 Wearable Tech for Runner

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Most of runners need a variety of stats indicators such as total distance, calories burned or even a GPS route tracker. You can get a wearable band that could provide every stats number you needed.

A Fitbit Charge wireless wristband definitely a perfect device that's packed with all features that a runner need. It's capable to track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floor climbed and active minutes.

Besides a piece of sophisticated tech band, it also workable as silent vibrating alarm and sleep tracker that automatically monitor your sleep.

Garmin Forerunner Waterproof Watch

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The Garmin Forerunner is a waterproof triathlete's indispensable training tool that come ideal for who's love cycling, running and swimming.

It's equipped with GPS enabled, premium heart rate monitor, advance calories computation, water resistant up to 50 meters and track your position, distance and pace.

The Garmin Forerunner watch suit for multisport and easy changes sport mode with a press of a button and goes from wrist to bike in seconds.

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