Best Wearable Tech Gadgets For Fitness

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If you're an enthusiast sport person, then surely desire to own a wearable tech device that could help to track your fitness goal and monitor personalize statistical indicators such as  calories burned, heartbeat rate, distance tracker and step taken.

There are tons of wearable gadgets on the market today, such as bands, watches and trackers, you definitely could find one that suit your needs.

 Wearable Tech for Runner

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Most of runners need a variety of stats indicators such as total distance, calories burned or even a GPS route tracker. You can get a wearable band that could provide every stats number you needed.

A Fitbit Charge wireless wristband definitely a perfect device that's packed with all features that a runner need. It's capable to track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floor climbed and active minutes.

Besides a piece of sophisticated tech band, it also workable as silent vibrating alarm and sleep tracker that automatically monitor your sleep.

Garmin Forerunner Waterproof Watch

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The Garmin Forerunner is a waterproof triathlete's indispensable training tool that come ideal for who's love cycling, running and swimming.

It's equipped with GPS enabled, premium heart rate monitor, advance calories computation, water resistant up to 50 meters and track your position, distance and pace.

The Garmin Forerunner watch suit for multisport and easy changes sport mode with a press of a button and goes from wrist to bike in seconds.

Best Xbox Kinect Game For Fitness

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Lazy to walk to gym just to get a workout? Rather stay at home playing video games than spent couple of minutes exercises? How about there is a way that we can enjoy the fun gaming experience and keep fitness stay in the same time. You can now get your body workout with Xbox 360 Kinect sport games while staying at home spending quality times with your family and friends.

There are tons of fantastic Xbox Kinect exercise games on the market today that can help to stay fitness and enjoy the fun time at home. So, you don't need to stuck on traffic jam for outdoor exercises or paid high cost of fitness fee to hire a personal trainer.

Below are few recommended Xbox 360 Kinect fitness games that can let you have fun, stay healthy and get rid your fat belly while playing video games.

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection

The Kinect Sport Ultimate Collection series is a combination of Kinect Sport version 2011 and version 2012 2-in-1 full games with plus bonus content included. You can enjoy up to 13 variety of sports including soccer, Bowling, Table Tennis , Golf, Skiing, Darts and more.

What make this game awesome, it's come with voice control features by using voice commands to race through menus, change Golf clubs and call an objection in Tennis.

With Kinect Sport Ultimate collection, you can enjoy double fun time with single price, all wrapped into one game. You can enjoy various of sport game with your friend and compete between family to score the highest points in and out of the action in team party mode.

Evolutionary Kinect Game for Workout and Exercises - Nike + Kinect Training

Introducing Nike + Kinect Training comprehensive with professional training and tracking features that allow to get your body toned on whatever level or goal you aimed.

Now you can enjoy professional training at home with Nike + Kinect Training which deliver a personalized program that evolves as you do.

It's features with sophisticated functional training design such as progress tracking, athlete inspired, connected to athletic life and personalized you get you moving and workout as what you wish for.

Big League Sports

Another great alternative of Kinect Sport is the Big League Sports which offer the highest and best quality of Kinect exercises based game. It does includes over 6 different most popular sports in the worlds all-in-one single game including football, baseball, hockey, basketball and more.

You can compete with friends and family to reach the top of the real-time leader boards or challenge with other players online to reach the peak of this game.

Electric Cooler For Camping Under $100

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With $100 as budget to find a good deal of electric cooler definitely a tough job to get. There are tons of travel coolers on the market but in order to get a quality and portable cooler you need to put some effort on homework and research.

Here are some of recommended cheap electric cooler on sale that work fine for those who love outdoor activities such as camping, RV, hiking and picnic. However, there are other better quality cooler as below that come with sufficient capacity, cooling power and portability.

The Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler

The Coleman Thermoelectric cooler work perfectly for office, dorm, RV and camping uses. It's designed in portability, lightweight and easy-to-use, just plugging into your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

It's powered with advance PowerChill motor that provides quiet, long-lasting performance, and capability to cool down up to 40 degree below the surrounding temperature.

The 40-quart interior compartments able to hold up to 44 beverage cans in addition to snacks. Plus, the cooler come with convenient features including adjustable doors that able to open on the right or left side and can be used in two positions , either horizontal or chest cooler.

The Koolatron 33 qt Kargo Wheeler Cooler

If you're looking for smaller and compact cooler then you can look for Koolatron Kargo wheeler cooler. This wheeled cooler provide portability and easy storage during travel or outdoor activities usage.

The Wheeled travel cooler designed with split lid and cigarette-lighter adapter for energy conservation and accessibility. It's capable to cool up to 40 degrees F below ambient temperature.

It work on both positions with dual shelves configuration as a tray or as baskets or dividers.

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

You always get a cold beer and drinks with Coleman Steel Belted Cooler along with you. With 54 Quart capacity is large enough to store up to 85 cans of beverages, and the stainless steel handles with rubber grips make it easy to carry.

It's built for durability and portable, a solid steel latch designed to seal securely to prevent drinks fall down during travel or outdoor activity and easy to clean and maintenance with base, lid and liner designs.

Best PS3 Gaming Chair With Steering Wheel and Pedal

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If you're fans of racing games such as GT5 and Underground, then you should get yourself a best racing seat that can place steering wheel and pedal right together.

Below are few recommendations that you can take as references.

Playseat With Sound and Vibration-M Gaming Seat

If you're searching for best gaming playseat that come with quality audio and vibration effect, then you should check out the Play Seat SV. It's designed to provide ultimate immersion gaming experiences, dynamic sum-racing capability with comfort.

It's equipped with 2-way Speakers mounted in the head rest with powerful subwoofer that deliver superb sound audio effect and vibration enhancements during game play. What come differently was the reinforced steel tube framework blocked those excess wobble and easy for adjustment.

The compartments flexibility design fully compatible for most of steering wheel and pedal such as Logitech's G27 or Xbox 360's wireless wheel set.

Playseat Champion-M

There are other options on the market if you're on a budget of under $500. The Playseat Champion-M is a awesome gaming chair with affordable price.

It's supportable for various kind of wheels and pedals designed for PCs and gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, Playstation 2, PS3 and Wii. It's built with high quality vinyl upholstery give you the great outlook and feel of real leather.

The steel framework equipped with fully adjustable features that let you able to fit any body sizes up to 7 feets tall and come with folding design for easy storage.

Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

Another great choice for a racing seat driving simulator with steering wheel and pedal mount. The Openwheeler Advance designed a gaming chair that compatible with multiple PCs and gaming consoles including Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, N64, Gamecube, Wii and Sega as well.

It's equipped with real racing car seat that provide the real-like comfort as a real trail racer. The driving simulator playseat designed with lightweight and total adjustable control which allow to fit all player's sizes and easy configurable for left or right hand side player.

There are other gaming chair that great for posture and compatible for all-kind of gaming console. You definitely can find one that suit your personality and needs.

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