Thursday, 4 July 2013

How To Fix My PS3 DIY - PS3 Flashing Red Light Fix

There are safest, easiest and quickest way to solve the Sony PS3 red, green, and yellow light flashing problem without send back your console to Sony factory that may cost you $140 from your pocket. Once you send your PS3 back to Sony, it will take forever to fix and send back to you, best case you will receive your console within 4-5 weeks times or longer than that. Keep on reading below tips to help you to get rid of frustrating PS3 problem with the help from expert.

Fix and Troubleshoot Your PS3 Blinking Problem At Home

Follow below step to fix your PS3 light blinking problem, what you can do is: 

  1. Turn off then wait for 15 minutes then on back your PS3 console. This to enable a soft reset to the board memory to eliminate those memory interruption may due to improper shut down. 
  2. If above step not able to work, you need to check all the cable which attached to the PS3 console to ensure cable are well connected and not damaged. 
  3. If still fail with step 3, you can try to remove all the cable which connected to the console then re-plug in those cable back.Also, power down your modem/router that you use to connect your PS3 to the network and then reset that as well. 
  4. Final step, if above all step fail to work. Borrow a PS3 hard drive off a friend or family member who also has a console and then install this in your PS3 before restarting it. If you do not have access to another hard drive then you can try removing and then re-installing your own hard drive. Be careful not to accidentally damage this delicate piece of hardware, however.
Just follow above troubleshooting tips and will eliminate those false alarm which trigger the PS3 light blinking problem. But, what happen if those all 4 steps not able to work after try them all?

Get Yourself A Professional PS3 Fix Manual to Guide you Through..

You can look into is to fix your broken PS3 yourself.That's by actually taking the system apart and fixing the problem inside that causes this. It's the same thing that Sony does and charges you $140 for, except you can do it yourself and not pay them anything.You can't start it without help from an expert - PS3LightsFix is the best PS3 repair guide so far, it cover everything that you need to know on how to fix PS3 problems. Each for different errors, including the PS3 light blinking error. You'll get a PDF filed guide that goes into full detail about the PS3 light flashing errors & how you actually get rid of them. You'll get the following:

High Definition Videos - PS3LightsFix will give you HD videos along with the PDF filed guide. In these quality videos you'll get even better detailed instructions and details to make the PS3 blinking issue repair even easier.Also, these videos are easy to follow and there's also somebody talking that will tell you exactly what the purposes are of each move that he's doing and how you can apply them to your own PS3. It's proven that video instructions will increase the success rate of the repair, and save your time that spent on those useless methods.

24 Hours Personal Help - Ps3LightFix also provide personal support via 24 hours free email technical & consulting response, your question will be answer within one hour time. Beside that you'll get access to their forums, where you and other people can ask their questions also, which will be answered by professional PS3 repairs people.

PS3LightsFix will help you to fix the following errors:

  • PS3 Yellow Light Of Death
  • PS3 Red Light Of Death
  • PS3 Green Light Of Death
  • Freezing Games & Movies
  • Hard Disk Read Errors.
  • PS3 bluetooth Controller problems
  • PS3 Error Codes
  • PS3 error 80711008, ps3 error 80710a06, ps3 home error d5027 & more..
  • Ps3 Overheating
  • PS3 Hardware Problems
  • No Power Issues
  • No Audio / Sound Problems
  • 3 beep issue
  • Clean and Repair The Blu-Ray Lens In Your PS3 - blu-ray drive (after freezing and blu-ray not accepting)
  • Other Common PS3 Issues
How You Can Fix all Those PS3 Console Problems Yourself..