Friday, 5 July 2013

Best Portable Docking Speaker System For iPod

What Is The Best Docking Station With Speakers For iPod, iPhone or iPad?

There are tons of docking system with speakers designed specially to suit Apple I devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad that allow people to charge their device and listen to favorite music in the same time. These docks come with different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. You need to know how to choose a right docking station that get the most of the money.

If you're looking for best portable iPod docking speaker , or searching for cheap iPod docking system with speakers under $100, $200 or $300, then you landed on the right place. Here will share with you top rated and best selling portable iPod speaker system reviews.

Best Rated Portable iPod Speaker System

The Harmon Karbon MS150 is a stunning docking music system specially for Apple "I" devices such as iPod and iPhone. It designed to deliver high performance playback from two bass-reflex loudspeakers. Besides, the MS150 also come with CD player , FM tuner and a universal docking station for iPhone and iPod devices.

It's features auxiliary inputs for compatible integration with normal home base audio product, making the Harmon Karbon MS150 a perfect choice for home, office or wherever else you enjoy quality music experience.

How To Choose The Best iPod or iPhone Docking Speaker

Best Bose Sound Dock Portable For iPod

The Bose SoundDock series II music docking station is a perfect choice for enjoying favorite music from home and office with sleeker styling and cool features. It compatible for iPod or iPhone devices, by just slip in the MP3 player and bring your favorite songs to life.

It's work as charging station while it plays, so you can enjoy music without any interruption. The Bose SoundDock system come with remote control that let you control power and volume, and navigate iPod playlist from your fingertips. There's also an auxiliary jack for bringing Bose sound to your DVD/CD player, MP3 players, or other portable devices.

Best Selling iPod Docking System Under $300

The small, slim, sexy Sonos PLAY series is all-in-1 music wireless docking station for iPod and iPhone that 3 integrated speakers powered by 3 digital amps. It features easy setup build that can be works vertically or horizontally whenever you mount it on a wall or hide on a shelf. Plus, it's capable to wireless steaming millions of songs from Pandora or Spotify and allow you to play entire iTunes library effortlessly.It work great for tablet as well such as Kindle Fire, iPad, Android smartphone and more.

Best Rated Portable Docking Station with Speaker Under $200

The Philip DC390/37 series docking station work great for iPod, iPhone or even iPad with your favorite tunes or FM radio. It designed with sleek aluminium interior design casing and come with alarm timer with dual docking ports make it compact and easy to enjoy your music and keep on schedule with one single device.

It also include with below key features:
  • Build with Neodymium speaker driver that deliver high quality sound and let you play and charge your iPod/iPhone/iPad simultaneously
  • Digital tuning with preset stations for extra, 10W RMS total output power convenience