Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Best GPS Car Tracking System

What is the Best GPS Tracking System for Cars?

There are tons of vehicle GPS tracking system on the market, do you know which is the best and most effective device that can help you to prevent thief and keep track of stolen cars any where and any time you needed?

Are you searching for Best GPS Tracking Devices for automobile reviews? Looking for cheap and affordable GPS tracking system for car under $100 that offer effective result with low cost prices?

If yes, then you come in to the right place. Here will share with you top rated GPS fleet tracking system that can help to track your child's vehicle or monitoring your other half vehicle activities.

Best Selling Car GPS Tracking System - Escort Entourage PS Kit-0019

The Escort Entourage GPS tracking device powered by Backline GPS designed with portability, great performance, customization security system with cell phone alert feature that offer protection, monitoring and keep connected as never before.

The Escort PS Kit-0019 model is equipped with top rated GPS tracking technology for cars, advance motion sensing and always-on mobile network provides real-time monitoring with your comfort from your cell phone.

Key features included inside Escort Entourage GPS tracking system:

  • Real time report - It'll keep on update where ever your vehicle move and let you know the real time location by cell phone text message or e-mail.
  • No service cancellation fees
  • Wireless coverage in the US and Canada
  • Easy-to-personalize online Internet browser-based interface
  • Continuous tracking provides 10-second locations for up to 10 minutes at a time
  • Tracking scheduler automates tracking for you with tracking intervals as quick as every 10 minutes

Top Rated GPS Tracking Device For Cars - Super TrackStick GPS Vechicle Tracking System Data Logger

The Super Trackstick GPS vehicle tracking device specially builds with USB port connector where by allowing you easily setup the tracking system and record down complete movement activities of your vehicle. It capable to collect numerous of datalogging includes : location, where steeps, length of stop, driving distance by mileage, speed and more.

It is the most affordable, cheap and cost effective GPS car tracker device on the market today. With equipped with GPS technology developed by the Department of Defense, it provides informative report and keep track of vehicle by telling you where the vehicle located real-time, note of vehicle speed and intelligent personalization profile setting. The spacious huge 4Mb flash memory storage of Super TrackStick ensures you to keep all those tracking information history for long periods without deleting them.

Personal GPS Tracking Device Review - LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key Pro

The LandAirSea GPS vehicle tracking device is built for compact, durable and portable usage where you can track and monitor car travel activities. Its slim design with almost the same size with two AA batteries capable to operate up to 80 hours without problem.

It's configurable where by you can record several information and datalogging vehicle movement activities such as speed, location, address of stops, direction of vehicles and more. The LandAirSea build with the intelligent motion detection technology that allow to detect vehicle movement and automatically go into a sleep mode after two minutes non movement detected for power saving.

With three data viewing options, you can view all those data in the daily text log, route display with animated digital street map or with satellite images same alike Google Earth interface.

Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems - Crimestopper Traknet GPS Receiver Fleet Tracking Automatic System

The Crimestopper Traknet GPS Fleet tracking device, include key features like below:
  • Automatically Tracks when Ignition is Turned On
  • Unlimited Tracking Tracks Via the Web and Tracks every One Minute
  • Multiple User Configurable Reports
  • Quad Band System (US Canada and Mexico)
  • Date Selectable History