Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kardashian Type Of Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Get A Makeup Organize Like Kourtney Kardashian

Have you ever facing the same problem whereby you have a lot of cosmetics or makeup accessories that not organized and messing up your table? If you do, then you should consider to get a makeup organizer to put them all in. If you're searching for similar kind of makeup organizer owner by the Kardashian then you landed on the right spot with right time.

You can keep on reading below article to find out more selection of acrylic makeup organizer used by Kourtney and her sisters on the reality TV show with cheaper prices.

The following organizers are complied with cheap in prices, filled with specification alike the Kardashian and compensated with quality that let you easily store your makeup accessories such as brushes, facial cream and lipsticks.

Here The Kardashian Makeup Organizer Make Appearance In TV Show

If you're fan of reality TV show "Keep Up With The Kardashians" every season, then you surely can not miss out the appearance of this makeup organizer where pregnant Kourtney stand behind the bathroom door with grail of makeup organizers. The real-alike Kardashian makeup organizer come with costly price, i definitely can own one of those if has the same pay check like the Kardashian sisters. In reality less people able to open up wallet to spent such huge money for a makeup organizer. So, you can find something much cheaper but with same quality as Kardashian's makeup organizer on below list.

Kardashian Style Premium Makeup Organizer Box

It's a dream come true for makeup lovers to own a ultimate premium make acrylic makeup organizer to store all those makeup items on everyday makeup.

This is the one to get! Exactly the similar acrylic makeup organizer with drawers that showed on the reality TV show.

Here is the specification of this organizer: upgraded with hand polished edges Diamond Cut crystal clear lucite drawer pulls. You can store your makeup accessories in different compartments, put your mascara on one section and lipsticks on the others and have plenty room for organization. The dimension come with 2 1/2 wide 14 deep and 15 1/2 tall lid flips up.

The Ultimate Makeup Organizer For Everyone - ICEbOX WIDE - Celebrity Brand

The Sherrie Blossom Icebox series makeup organizer is a MUST have item for makeup lover. It's hand made with Lucite and pristine craftsmanship and claimed to be the most luxurious makeup organizer across the globe.

The ICEbOX WIDE celebrity brand organizer is the most popular style and used by celebrities like what we seen on magazines and TV show. Here are list of celebrities who used the ICEbOX makeup organizer:

  • Lilly Ghalich of Shahs of Sunset
  • Melanie Fiona Grammy Winner 
  • Leeza Gibbons of Entertainment 
  • The Kardashian Sisters

It's designed with extra spacious room with sleek and awesome cool outlook and comes with three different sets of removable inserts that offer more room to storage makeup accessories.

ICEbOX WIDE on Good Day LA with Jillian Reynolds and Kym Douglas.


List Of Best Portable Travel Makeup Cases

Conventional makeup organizer is suitable for home usage whereby to help in organizing cosmetic items or storage but in case for traveling you may find out it's not that handy. So, if you're a makeup lover who love travel, then you should get yourself a travel makeup cases.

There are come with various kind of selection such as sizes, color and compartment layout with cheap prices. You definitely can find out that suit of your requirement.