Saturday, 15 June 2013

Best Juicer For Greens And Fruit

Searching for best juicer a masticating or centrifugal model for juicing a fruits and green leafy? Are you looking for top green vegetables juicer for the money within budged under $100 or $200? If yes, then you certainly landed on the right page.

Here will share with you list of good juicer for whole fruits and vegetable reviews.

1. Breville BJE510 Juice Fountain Juicer

The Breville BJE510 series is the best selling juicer that offer multi-speed let you select the appropriate speeds to extract the maximum juice with minimal waste. It's build-in with small chip that provide powerful cutting disc under heavy loaded amount of fruits and vegetables so juicing is completed in as efficiently as possible.

It's features with Nutri disc and patented juicing system that allow you to extracts juice and without leaving the nutrients value behind by transfer less than 1.8F of heat to protect enzymes and maximize nutrient adsorption of select nutrients.

The BJE510 model powered with 900 watt motor with 6500 rpm for softer fruits and leafy greens like spinach or cantaloupe and higher 12500 rpm for foods like apples and beets.

2. Omega J8005 Nutrition Commercial Masticating Juicer

The Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is a masticating juicer that come with low speed processes at 80 rpm that protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevent oxidation and allow extracted juice stored up to 72 hours without degradation.It can be uses to extracts the great amount of juice from leafy green, vegetables, wheat grass, and fruits.

Besides, the Omega J8005 come with multi-speed that can even turn nuts into nut butters, whip spy milk, extrude pasta, mince herbs and garlic, grind coffee and spices and make delicious drinks and snacks with one single device.

3. Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

The Breville BJS600XL masticating slow juicer or single auger juicers designed for shredding rather than crush and squeeze. That means that it maximizes the amount of nutrient extracted and increase the fiber stay in, making for a delicious glass of thick, smooth juice with some pulp inside.

It's features with safe start system for makes juicing and cleanup easy that requires all parts locked in before the juicer starts. The machine build with overload protection system and reverse direction control that will stop automatically if the load is too high. You can easily clean and flush out the system without having to disassemble the entire machine, simply pour 1-2 cups of water while the motor is running to clean out previous ingredients through.

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