Sunday, 27 January 2013

How To Increase Chitika Earning

There are several alternative of Google Adsense and one of them is Chitika which provide similar CPM payout like Adsense. I'm been using Chitika for quiet a while now and still don't have luck to generate the passive income that i wish to. So, i'm begin to search on how to increase online earning in Chitika and come out with few tips that can share with you all.

Tips 1:
Ads Placement
How you place Chitika ads directly impact the earning. Place that have best visibility for visitor have the highest potential to generate number of click. There are few MUST place spot that you need to follow in order to increase Chitika earning.

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Tips 2:
Add Ads Inside Blog Content
Another way to increase Chitika earning is to insert Ads inside blog post itself. You can manually copy the ads code and place inside the blog content. This definitely will increase the ads visibility and have higher CPM compare by placing as banner.

Tip 3:
Insert Chitika in Revenue Sharing Website
If you're article marketer that get paid writing articles online then you can insert in Chitika id inside other article directories before publish your online article. There are several directories that enable Chitika revenue sharing program such as:

  • Seekyt
  • Infobarrel
  • Bukisa
  • Wizzley

Tip 4:
Chitika Referral System

Great way to increase Chitika revenue by introduce your friends and other blogger to join Chitika via referral program. By doing so, you can earn 10% of what earned by your referral within 15 months.