Friday, 31 August 2012

Top Article Directories For SEO 2012

Article marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to make money online without spending a penny. All you need just some research and time to build up an quality content and publish it online with appropriate backlink to your product and website.

There are tons of free article directories where you can publish online but you need to get the most SEO directories where you can get the most of your content.Among those thousand of article directories below are shortlist that i'm using now which give me the best benefits with good revenue sharing return and great index by search engines.

1. Squidoo
I'm personally recommended Squidoo as top notch article directory for SEO. It not only had revenue sharing but also fastest index website ever. I'm been joining Squidoo since 2009 and published over 80 articles on their site and get averagely $100 per month from them. I can't said more, you get backlinks, product promotion, revenue sharing and gain web popularity with Squidoo. If you're newbie of Internet marketing, then you should check Squidoo out.

2. Hubpages
Hubpages work similar like Squidoo but in term of revenue sharing portion you need to have your own Google Adsense account. For those who loss their Adsense or account got disable/suspended by Google, then you can't get hook with Hubpages like ME! Frankly speaking, Hubpages does have higher earning opportunity compare Squidoo with their own ads program. In term of SEO friendly-ness, both work the same with high PR ranking and easy index by search engines.

3. Zujava
Zujava is a newbie of SEO article directory where it just launched early this year with Beta mode and become office release on May'12. I did join them since Beta and proof that they are legit in term of payment and fast index by search engine.I posted around 20+ articles in Zujava and have passive income from them each month. Zujava work pretty similar with Squidoo where users can easily create article with template/module orientated. However, Zujava still new and revenue sharing can't compare with Squidoo but it's another great alternative for SEO article directories that IM can try out. You can see my Zujava Earning Result here.

Beside above top 3 article directories,there are other sites that you can give a shoot that not only offer great SEO (search  engine optimization) benefits but also revenue sharing that let you earn some income online: