Sunday, 26 August 2012

My First Wikinut Payment - $3 - Wikinut Earning and Proof Included

I received this payment in May this year but only able to post it today due to i'm been very busy lately including personal and work stuff. I'm been joined Wikinut for 2 years now and stuck there with 29 articles. Due to low payout with only $0.001 for 30 pageview so i decided to leave it but after 2 years of slowly progress it did pay me. Seem like Wikinut is legit after all.

Wikinut has it own pro and con where by the advantage it allow republish content happen there. Mean you can publish Triond and Squidoo articles back in Wikinut without any problems and earn in the same time. While the cons is Wikinut website design still need some improvement to make especially on the stat tracking feature. You can't track your earning clearly and can't really trace back how much your earn accumulated per month.This is one of the reason i leave 2 years back.If you can live with that, it's ok to join and continue your effort on it like ME!

Wikinut min payout threadhold penultimate month was 5 pound or greater and you need to have paypal account in order to recieve payment from them. For more detail Wikinit payment FQA refer here.

Here are sample of my Wikinut articles:

Have you tried Wikinut yet? Write about whatever you like and get paid royalties with Wikinut!