Friday, 1 June 2012

Knoji May Payout Proof and Hard To Make Money Online

My online earning was bad on May. Nothing seem to get right. My Clickbank sales was dropped badly, same as Amazon sale and Triond earning. I need to put more extra effort in order to boost up my earning on coming month.

Not all bad news in May, at least i got my first Zujava payout with  $74, not a bad start for me.I'm joined Zujava on Feb since they are in beta mode and since official released on May, i getting my first pay cheque from them. I'll continue publish more articles there, and hope to get more and higher payout from Zujava.

I'm still can't figure out why my Clickbank sale dropped like hell. May be sometime it does need some luck doing online business. I did what i could and now it all depend on faith whether the sale will come more.

One more thing, i got my May Knoji payout today, not much only $0.30 cent. I only able to publish one article on May and that my only payout. Due to busy on daily work so i admit did put less time on my online effort, give and take actually. The more hard work you put in the more result you get.

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Here is my Knoji payout on May: