Thursday, 10 May 2012

Zujava First Payout - Another 5 Days to Go

I'm been joining Zujava since their beta. Since May 2012, they announced to get out from Beta and move into official release. Their first payout schedule to happen on 15 May 2012 mean will be another 5 days to go.

I already published total of 16 articles on Zujava but over 5 articles ranked top 100. I'm still can't tell what is the amount payout that will get from Zujava, still mystery for me, no cruel at all.Hope gonna make a happy and pay for my debt of their payout.

Once i receive the payout the first thing i gonna do is post the proof here in my blog, so everyone can declare Zujava is another legit and worst money making article site.

See my article on Zujava:

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