How To Write a Quality Article With Free Tool

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You need software to help you in term of generate a quality article that provide reader a good impression without grammar and spelling error.

Here i'll share with you all some great software that been use by me during writing article online and most of all, they are all FREE!:

1. Ginger Software

Ginger web-base software is for grammar and spelling check tool that i frequently use for article content check before submit for article directories approval. It's easy to use and cost FREE.You just need to add your statement and paragraph content on top of field box then press " Ginger it!", then it'll show you the correction make by differentiated color.

Get the link:

2. Word Count Tool

Most of the article directories need minimum of 400 words per publish requirement. You need to write at least 400 words of article before can submit for approval or publish. So, in order to meet this requirement the easiest way is to use a word count web software that can help you to count your content instantly. Wordcounttool is free and easy to use. Just paste in the article content and press "submit", within seconds you'll know the words count of your article.

3. Keyword Research - Google Adwords Tools

Keywords research is an essential part for online writer to gain more traffic with low competitive keywords. The most powerful and free keyword search tool online is the Google Adwords tool. It easy to use and you can get all those keyword ideas and top local searches fast and effectively.

Get the link:  

Below are some of the article directories where you can get paid writing article online:

  1. Expertscolumn 
  2. Knoji
  3. Squidoo
  4. Triond
  5. Bukisa

How To Promote Your Website For Free

Friday, 13 April 2012

How to promote your website or blog and get more traffic for free.

Everyone know how to write web content but your website content is worthless unless someone reads what you write. Blogger or web master who know-well of SEO ( Search engine optimization) skill can benefit more and can place their website right on top page of Google search engine within hours compare with those who don't know how to use it.

There are tons of resources online where you can get free traffic without spent a dime of your money. Below are some tips you can use to boost your website traffic:

Posting your Website or blog on Backlinking Sites
There are bunch of backlinking sites on the web such as, and Those are high PR social bookmarking sites that let you post a backlink with short summary and gradually gain traffic to your website/blog.

Link Website URL on Article Sites
You can write a related article on similar topic and add link back to your website and blog. If your website is about "how to make money online", then you can write article such as "how to make money without working" , "how to get traffic to your website" or "top 10 ways to earn passive income online". Ans inside each article you can place a backlink to your website. There are several free article directories that you can use to publish article like,, and You can search for certain article directories that able to get paid while publish article online. So, you can earn extra income and gain backlinking traffic in the same time.

Participate in Forum Related to Your Topic
Online forum is a good platform to promote and gain targeted traffic for niche website. If you're game player and wrote a website about gaming, there are billion of people out there who have same hobby and interest with you that willing to share and discuss the same thing. Find a gaming forum and enroll yourself in such forms and make thoughtful comments there. Place your website link on your profile page. So, people will come around and see your profile and discover more when click inside your profile link.

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