Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seekyt - Another Chitika Revenue Sharing Opportunity

I always looking for Chitika revenue sharing article directories that offer more money earning opportunities for me. Comparatively with Adsense, Chitika only have few article directories that provide revenue sharing features such as Infobarrel, Bukisa, Squidoo, Shetoldme and your own blog.

However, today i received a mail from Seekyt admin that notice that their site allow Chitika revenue sharing as an alternative for Adsense. After read through their forum, acknowledge that Adsense disable and not providing ads showed in Seekyt due to certain unexplained reason.

Below is what been quote by Seekyt mail: no longer supports Google AdSense as a revenue sharing option. Unfortunately, we have lost the privilege to serve AdSense ads on this particular domain for a currently-unspecified reason.
As a result of this issue, Seekyt is now going to support Chitika ads as our main in-page advertisement source, and we will also be supporting as a secondary source of revenue. Amazon ads will remain untouched."

Seem like they also offer Infolinks revenue sharing as second source of income. Initially, i already give up to Seekyt as i don't have any Adsense account but now seem like it light up the money making fire inside me again. So, i will continue to change my profile and Chitika user name inside Seekyt.

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