Friday, 2 March 2012

Paid To Write Sites - Factoidz With Payment Proof

Came across Factoidz sometime ago but not active there as it require to fill in some kind of publisher application form before you can start write and publish a article inside Factoidz. However, since last month, i start to try my luck with Factoidz and submit the publisher application form and get approved.

I did wrote 4 articles and published successfully in Factoidz but for the 5th and 6th got rejected then my account got suspend for one month by disable me from writing and publishing article anymore.

Factoidz is a CPM page view paid site like Triond and Expertscolumn.The more traffic flow into your articles mean you earn more money online. Factoidz has higher CPM compare with other paid to write sites.

It's their rule to disable member from publishing article if have 2 articles been rejected cumulatively, but once you successfully published more than 20 articles, your articles will not been review by board anymore.

Checkout my Factoidz articles:

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Below is my Factoidz payment proof:
Yeah, it not much only $0.10 but at least showed that it legit and payable to their members.