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I'm stumble upon Wizzley from one of the Squidoo lens which review on Adsense review sharing websites. As mentioned in last few posts, my Adsense account been disable or suspended by Google team and now i looking pretty hard to find Chitika revenue sharing article directories for replacement.

Wizzley is what i'm been searching for. It has several revenue sharing affiliate option that you can make money by 50% income sharing from Wizzley including Adsense, Chitika, Amazon Associate, Allposters,Zazzle,and Viglink.

Wizzley had been online for over 1 year where develop and co-founder from one Squidoo lensmaster chef Keem. It has PR5 Google page rank. It features easy to build template where alike Hubpages where writer can simply drag and drop module from toolbar and start create own unique content easily.

I just get familiar with this site by publish my first Wizzley article there. Checkout Top Windows Based Tablet PC for more detail in term of Wizzlet layout and flexibility of customization for ads earning optimization.

Update: My Wizzley article had been rejected due to grammar error, and not allow me to re-publish again. I very puzzle with Wizzley TOS in term of article submission. I'm been publish multiple articles across different and all is ok to approval, not sure what make Wizzley different from other.

So, i took the content then post it in Zujava and all work fine. Checkout my article here: Best Windows Based Tablet PC.

If you're interested to make money online writing articles, come and sign up free on Wizzley today click on below banner!



Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this, i am also looking for more source of income, but i guess my english won't be good enough either, after reading the article that was rejected, i don't stand a chance. check jamb 2012 results

SkyWatcher said...

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wwkeen said...

Well, you definitively can give a try. English also native language for me. So, the more you practice, then the more you can improve in term of grammar and spelling

Blogger said...

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