Friday, 16 March 2012

Make Money With Blogging Is Hard

Earn money with blogging is not an easy task especially you're start from beginner and post content one by one. It take time and effort in order to success with blogging. How many blog post need to publish each day in order to get high Google page rank? How many traffic in order to make money online? All those questions already buzzing around when you decided to make money on blogging.

Blog reader need fresh blood every day. They need new, funny, interested and fresh contents to fill their curiosity. So, you need to at least post one content each day. The more frequent you write your blog, then more famous and popular will be. You get static visitor that come to your blog for more new every day. Every day when they online, the first thing to check is your blog instead of other.

You need do some homework prior of posting your blog content. Detail research is essential to provide accurate information, tips and tricks to audiences. In order to get more targeted visitors and traffic, you need your blog appear in first page of Google search engine. You need to emphasize SEO skill into your blog content to let search engine easily index your content fast. Keyword research, keyword comparative searches, high searches keywords and high CPM keywords, all those key item you need to bear in mind when writing your blog.

How to make money with blogging? There are several ways to make money with blogging the easiest way is to integrate your blog with Google Adsense. Adsense has their own straight rule that sometime "unreasonable" to follow and disable your account without giving any reason. You always can search for Adsense alternative like me :)
Chitika, Infolinks, and Nuffnang are great choice for display ads on your blog and make money with them too. Besides, you can become an affiliate marketer to sell products online and earn commission such as Clickbank and Amazon.

If you're interested to make easy money blogging and don't know how to start, then don't worry there always a way to learn. Get a professional Blogging guide to help to cash in money every day to your bank instantly.

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