Saturday, 10 March 2012

How Many Traffic To Make Money On Nuffnang

My Nuffnang traffic was slow, very slow..slower than the pipe dripping one drop by one. I had been joined Nuffnang more than 2 years now and yet to get the first payment from them yet. Nuffnang minimum payment thread hold is RM50 equal to $17 USD.

May be i only have one blog as traffic lead source. Previously i did include Nuffnang ads on blogger blog but due to some unexpected posts, my blog got suspended. Then you create any blog as what you seeing now.

My current blog getting 30-40 visitors per day and i get 0 cent per day from Nuffnang.There are many Asia blogger than earn quiet lot of money online with Nuffnang. One of the Malaysia top blogger Kenny Sia ( which have 5000-6000 visitors per day make averagely Rm30 per month with Nuffnang.

How they actually make money from Nuffnang?
It all about traffic. What make Nuffnang different is that it only targeted to Asia visitors. If you're traffic source are from US and other that Asia country, it would not count and Nuffnang ads can't display out.

In order to get paid with Nuffnang, you need drag more visitors from Asia country like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and others. You blog content should be relevant to Asia related hot news, issues and gossips. Example: post something about Asia travelling place such as journey to Phuket, Bali trip experience and how to prepare to travel to Thailand. You also can write more about Asia foods. Asia people love eating, so talk more about their foods, recommend where can get cheap and tasty foods. Example: where to get the best Penang Laksa, tasty satay and more.

If you have more tips on how to earn more money with Nuffnang, feel free to share and leave a comment below. I'll try my best to reply you asap.