Best Game Copy Software - Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PC

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Seem like it something out of scope base on the title where my usually posts are more related to how to make money online and where you can gain more traffic online. But frankly i'm also a video game player myself. So, today i write something where most of the gamers are looking for. How to copy and back up video games discs.

Are you looking for how to make copies of Xbox 360 games to DVD? Searching for effective method to back up and burn Wii games disc to backup disc? If yes, then you come into the right blog. Here will share with you best video game copy program that allow users to make exact copy of Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games fast and safe.

Can you copy Wii games? Is it possible to make back up of Xbox 360 games to hard drive or DVD? Why you should burn video game backup disc?

Everyone know an original game discs are expensive and they are fragile, easily get damaged or scratches during long hours game play. Once lost or broken, then you have no choice other than buy a brand new game discs for replacement. It definitely a painful and fracturing experience. I knew it cause i faced it the same situation like you. So, learn how to protect you game discs is essential to prevent your game collection investment.

How to Copy and Backup Video Game discs Effectively?

You can refer to below step-by-step guide on burning and copying Wii and Xbox 360 games.

  1. How To Copy Xbox 360 Game and Back Up To DVD

You'll be notice the key to determine success of copying video game to DVD is depend on the game copy software it self.

There are tons of free game copy program out side on the market where you can simply download and install on your computer hard drive but take note that over 93% of them are scam and infected by malware and viruses that might cause damage to your PC. You should get a reliable and professional game copy application that really work and get the job done.

Recommended Game Copy Wizard software where designed compatible with different OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux. And it supportable for multiple video gaming platform includes : Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii and PC as well. Besides, you can burn audio and videos files to CD with this similar game copy software.

Where To Find Game Copy Program?

You can get Game Copy Software with this link!

Make Money Writing with Wizzley

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I'm stumble upon Wizzley from one of the Squidoo lens which review on Adsense review sharing websites. As mentioned in last few posts, my Adsense account been disable or suspended by Google team and now i looking pretty hard to find Chitika revenue sharing article directories for replacement.

Wizzley is what i'm been searching for. It has several revenue sharing affiliate option that you can make money by 50% income sharing from Wizzley including Adsense, Chitika, Amazon Associate, Allposters,Zazzle,and Viglink.

Wizzley had been online for over 1 year where develop and co-founder from one Squidoo lensmaster chef Keem. It has PR5 Google page rank. It features easy to build template where alike Hubpages where writer can simply drag and drop module from toolbar and start create own unique content easily.

I just get familiar with this site by publish my first Wizzley article there. Checkout Top Windows Based Tablet PC for more detail in term of Wizzlet layout and flexibility of customization for ads earning optimization.

Update: My Wizzley article had been rejected due to grammar error, and not allow me to re-publish again. I very puzzle with Wizzley TOS in term of article submission. I'm been publish multiple articles across different and all is ok to approval, not sure what make Wizzley different from other.

So, i took the content then post it in Zujava and all work fine. Checkout my article here: Best Windows Based Tablet PC.

If you're interested to make money online writing articles, come and sign up free on Wizzley today click on below banner!


Make Money With Blogging Is Hard

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Earn money with blogging is not an easy task especially you're start from beginner and post content one by one. It take time and effort in order to success with blogging. How many blog post need to publish each day in order to get high Google page rank? How many traffic in order to make money online? All those questions already buzzing around when you decided to make money on blogging.

Blog reader need fresh blood every day. They need new, funny, interested and fresh contents to fill their curiosity. So, you need to at least post one content each day. The more frequent you write your blog, then more famous and popular will be. You get static visitor that come to your blog for more new every day. Every day when they online, the first thing to check is your blog instead of other.

You need do some homework prior of posting your blog content. Detail research is essential to provide accurate information, tips and tricks to audiences. In order to get more targeted visitors and traffic, you need your blog appear in first page of Google search engine. You need to emphasize SEO skill into your blog content to let search engine easily index your content fast. Keyword research, keyword comparative searches, high searches keywords and high CPM keywords, all those key item you need to bear in mind when writing your blog.

How to make money with blogging? There are several ways to make money with blogging the easiest way is to integrate your blog with Google Adsense. Adsense has their own straight rule that sometime "unreasonable" to follow and disable your account without giving any reason. You always can search for Adsense alternative like me :)
Chitika, Infolinks, and Nuffnang are great choice for display ads on your blog and make money with them too. Besides, you can become an affiliate marketer to sell products online and earn commission such as Clickbank and Amazon.

If you're interested to make easy money blogging and don't know how to start, then don't worry there always a way to learn. Get a professional Blogging guide to help to cash in money every day to your bank instantly.

Blogging Tips:

  1. How To Monetize Your Blog
  2. Get Paid Writing Articles Online   

How Many Traffic To Make Money On Nuffnang

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My Nuffnang traffic was slow, very slow..slower than the pipe dripping one drop by one. I had been joined Nuffnang more than 2 years now and yet to get the first payment from them yet. Nuffnang minimum payment thread hold is RM50 equal to $17 USD.

May be i only have one blog as traffic lead source. Previously i did include Nuffnang ads on blogger blog but due to some unexpected posts, my blog got suspended. Then you create any blog as what you seeing now.

My current blog getting 30-40 visitors per day and i get 0 cent per day from Nuffnang.There are many Asia blogger than earn quiet lot of money online with Nuffnang. One of the Malaysia top blogger Kenny Sia ( which have 5000-6000 visitors per day make averagely Rm30 per month with Nuffnang.

How they actually make money from Nuffnang?
It all about traffic. What make Nuffnang different is that it only targeted to Asia visitors. If you're traffic source are from US and other that Asia country, it would not count and Nuffnang ads can't display out.

In order to get paid with Nuffnang, you need drag more visitors from Asia country like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and others. You blog content should be relevant to Asia related hot news, issues and gossips. Example: post something about Asia travelling place such as journey to Phuket, Bali trip experience and how to prepare to travel to Thailand. You also can write more about Asia foods. Asia people love eating, so talk more about their foods, recommend where can get cheap and tasty foods. Example: where to get the best Penang Laksa, tasty satay and more.

If you have more tips on how to earn more money with Nuffnang, feel free to share and leave a comment below. I'll try my best to reply you asap.


Seekyt - Another Chitika Revenue Sharing Opportunity

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I always looking for Chitika revenue sharing article directories that offer more money earning opportunities for me. Comparatively with Adsense, Chitika only have few article directories that provide revenue sharing features such as Infobarrel, Bukisa, Squidoo, Shetoldme and your own blog.

However, today i received a mail from Seekyt admin that notice that their site allow Chitika revenue sharing as an alternative for Adsense. After read through their forum, acknowledge that Adsense disable and not providing ads showed in Seekyt due to certain unexplained reason.

Below is what been quote by Seekyt mail: no longer supports Google AdSense as a revenue sharing option. Unfortunately, we have lost the privilege to serve AdSense ads on this particular domain for a currently-unspecified reason.
As a result of this issue, Seekyt is now going to support Chitika ads as our main in-page advertisement source, and we will also be supporting as a secondary source of revenue. Amazon ads will remain untouched."

Seem like they also offer Infolinks revenue sharing as second source of income. Initially, i already give up to Seekyt as i don't have any Adsense account but now seem like it light up the money making fire inside me again. So, i will continue to change my profile and Chitika user name inside Seekyt.

If you're interested to make money online by writing article and get paid by revenue sharing, come and sign up free with Seekyt today!

Get Chitika | Premium

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Paid To Write Sites - Factoidz With Payment Proof

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Came across Factoidz sometime ago but not active there as it require to fill in some kind of publisher application form before you can start write and publish a article inside Factoidz. However, since last month, i start to try my luck with Factoidz and submit the publisher application form and get approved.

I did wrote 4 articles and published successfully in Factoidz but for the 5th and 6th got rejected then my account got suspend for one month by disable me from writing and publishing article anymore.

Factoidz is a CPM page view paid site like Triond and Expertscolumn.The more traffic flow into your articles mean you earn more money online. Factoidz has higher CPM compare with other paid to write sites.

It's their rule to disable member from publishing article if have 2 articles been rejected cumulatively, but once you successfully published more than 20 articles, your articles will not been review by board anymore.

Checkout my Factoidz articles:

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If you're interested to make money online and get paid writing articles, come and sign up free with Factoidz today!

Below is my Factoidz payment proof:
Yeah, it not much only $0.10 but at least showed that it legit and payable to their members.

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