Thursday, 9 February 2012

My First Chitika Payment Proof

I nearly forgot to post my first ever Chitika payment proof here in my blog. I got it Sept 2011 last year with amount of $11.00. It not a big cash of money but at least it proof that Chitika is legit and paid for their publishers.

I'm been joining with Chitika more than 2 year now and i gain most of the income from revenue sharing on Bukisa. Bukisa is a revenue sharing base article directories where writers able to choose whether include Google Adsense or Chitika as their affiliate earning source. As for me, i'm definetely will go for Chitika as my Adsense account got banned by Google without any solid reason.

Comparatively, Chitika earning is slow but it is an great alternative for Adsense. Chitika has different ads display compare with Adsenss. Chitika ads only display base of search engines keyword, instead of display base on relevant content ads. So, you have more target visitors to drop into your website and higher potential to generate cash per click. Chitika work fine together with Adsense. It legal to put Chitika and Adsense side-by-side in one single landing page.

So, if you're looking for Adsense alternative or get another option to generate online money income then Chitika definitely a great choice you can think of.

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