Friday, 10 February 2012

Make Money Writing On Zujava

Believe i did write a post regarding new article directory called Zujava (is kind of bird name, i guess) past few days. It's a new site and only launched end of 2011 and only gain popularity staring Jan 2012.

I'm joined this site on 29 Jan 2012 and i did check on the PR still ranked as PR0 but today when i recheck then it pop significantly to PR2 within less than one month.

Most of the member of Zujava are lensmaster from Squidoo even for the co-founder Bill himself. The working model for Zujava is likely same as Squidoo where it give you builded template module such as rich text module, Amazon module, picture module and more. You can just click and add in module and write content inside there. In Zujava article called as leaf (lens for Squidoo).

Zujava payout model same as Squidoo as well.You don't need a Google Adsense for payment, all you need just a Paypal account. So, for those who don't have Adsense, then Zujava is another alternative for you to get paid writing online.

Beside making money, Zujava also allow you to generate up to maximum 10 do-follow backlinks to your websites and blog in single leaf. So, you make money with Amazon affiliate, generate traffic, get paid per view monthly payout and generate backlinks in the same times.

I did wrote several leaf in Zujava as below:

  1. Best Google Android Tablet 2012
  2. How To Play PC Games On PS3
  3. Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 500 

If you're interest to make money online and get paid passively writing online,come and sign up free with Zujava today!

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