Saturday, 18 February 2012

How To Increase My Blog Page Rank

I'm start blogging in July 2011 and did wrote averagely 1-3 posts per month but frankly still not yet get stable traffic that flow into my blog every day, week or month. So, i plan to make some changes this year to increase blog traffic, page rank and make more money with this blog by integrate SEO (search engine optimization) skill inside my blog.

So, my first target is to increase my blog's Google pagerank. What actually is page rank? Google will rank website and blog with it own standardization which determine how popular this website or blog on search engines. The higher PR you get, mean your websites or blog can easily get indexed on search engines. Search engine will prioritize high PR website instead of those low rank blogs or websites. Every new post you make by high PR blog, easily appeared on first page of Google search engine and you'll get tons of organic traffic flow to your websites/blogs instantly.

How To Check My Blog Page Ranking?

It pretty easy, follow below steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Key in website that you wish to search for pagerank.Then press "Check PR" button.
  3. Then key in image characters which appear for verification, press "OK"
  4. Finally, it'll show up the PR number of your website or blog as below. My blog only PR1 :(

How To Increase Blog Pagerank?

In order to get popular for search engines, you need traffic. Traffic mean everything for internet marketer or bloggers. The more traffic generated, your blog will rank higher in Google.

1. Keep on Posting
Content is king for blogger. You need to keep on update and posting new contents on blog that allow visitors keep on coming to your blog for new stuff. Reader love fresh content, increase the frequent of posting content is essential to increase blog traffic.

2. Generate Backlink Your Blog
Backlinks are essential part of SEO - search engine optimization. The page rank determine of how well your blog been optimized in search engine, includes the number of social likes received from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, and how relevant the page is to searchers. Backlinks are part of SEO strategy and is key to determine to success of your blog.

Backlinks can be place with different of methods includes social bookmarking sites, article directories, forum posting, comment posting and blogs itself.The more backlink placed, mean you have higher percentage of traffic will link toward your blog. Direct and indirectly will increase more relevant and targeted traffic flow into your blog.Checkout list of Get Paid Article Directories.

3. Socialize On Social Networking Sites
Keep active on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkID and Myspace. Posting comment that relevant to your blog content with blog URL included. People who same interest will click on the link and visit your blog. Besides, you can post your blog link in social networking profile page to increase referral and blog traffic as well. Visit Tips on How to Get More Twitter Followers.

With above listed method, how that my blog page rank will increase from PR1 to PR2 next year.