Friday, 3 February 2012

Get Paid Writing With Zujava

Zujava is a free article directory that just launched in January 2012. It pretty similar like Squidoo where you can insert template and module inside your article.Although, it's a revenue sharing site but you don't need a Google Adsense in order to get paid here.

How Does Make Money in Zujava
Zujava share 50% of ads revenues with their member. Their site revenue mainly come from Adsense and Chitika earning and they also share Amazon product earning as well.

It depending on traffic numbers, sales numbers, social interaction, and a number of other factors, your page can fall into three buckets. These buckets determine how much money your article will make. Zujava articles make money from Google Adsense ads and Chitika ads, as well as any Amazon sections you add to your page. These ads are automatically displayed when you publish a leaf, you have to do nothing other than enter the email account associated with your PayPal account on your dashboard.

How To Build A Page In Zujava
First, create an account by clicking "join." Fill out your profile information, then get started on your first page on Zujava by clicking "create page." The Zujava format was created to be a super easy way to create attractive pages that can be published online on the topics you know about. Pages with unique, useful, and/or though provoking content tend to perform best on Zujava and the web in general.

So, if you're lensmaster of Squidoo then you surely can't miss out Zujava.

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