Friday, 10 February 2012

Finally My NeoBux Payment Had Arrive in 2012

I know..i know..everyone don't like making money on PTC, because they are scam, not trusted, always run away when reached payout thread hold and low CPC (click per cost) but at least nothing for me. Yeah, at least zero!

If you not doing anything mean you totally don't have anything by end of the day, totally zero but let you click 5 click per day with $0.001 per click, then you have $0.005 daily. Let do some math here ( i don't really good in this, let me know if i count it wrongly).

10 clicks per day, cost per click $0.001:
1 day = $0.01
1 month = 30 X $0.01 = $0.30
1 year = $0.30 X 12 = $3.6

See! One year you have $3.6 vs zero. If you don't action mean you totally got zero. PTC is very dead brain job, just click and wait until it reach the time, then you got the money. Think about's the easiest way to earn money online.Below attached also my latest 2012 Neobux payment proof.

But don't blindly go and join any PTC that available online, you'll definitely come and scold me for telling all those earning junk shit above. You need to join those well establish and trusted PTC that already long run for more than 3 years and gain positive testimonies from online forums.

Below are 2 PTC sites that i joined and 100% Payout guaranteed:

1. Neobux

2. Wordlinx

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click