Sunday, 19 February 2012

Top 10 Articles (Leafs) on Zujava

I'm been joining Zujava since January 2012 and did post 1-2 article every week. If you're still not familiar with Zujava, it practically same as Squidoo where let member to earn money by writing article online. It paid 50/50 revenue sharing include Adsense click ads, Amazon product commission and Chatika earning.

Frankly, i'm not yet receive any payment from Zujava as it still consider very new site but i do have confident with them. Zujava make payment every 2 months. So, let wait and see. I'll post a Zujava payment proof once obtain first payment from them. I do feel curious about the amount of payment that will receive.

Here is my top 10 Zujava articles:

  1. Best Google Android Tablet Reviews
  2. How To Play PC Games On PS3
  3. Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 500
  4. Top Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories
  5. How To Copy Xbox 360 Games Easily
  6. Best Noise Isolation Earbuds
  7. Best Portable GPS Navigation System
  8. SWTOR Power Leveling Guide
  9. Cheap Pet Carriers
  10. Best MMO Gaming Mice 
If you're interested to make money online and get paid writing articles, come and sign up free with Zujava today!

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

How To Increase My Blog Page Rank

I'm start blogging in July 2011 and did wrote averagely 1-3 posts per month but frankly still not yet get stable traffic that flow into my blog every day, week or month. So, i plan to make some changes this year to increase blog traffic, page rank and make more money with this blog by integrate SEO (search engine optimization) skill inside my blog.

So, my first target is to increase my blog's Google pagerank. What actually is page rank? Google will rank website and blog with it own standardization which determine how popular this website or blog on search engines. The higher PR you get, mean your websites or blog can easily get indexed on search engines. Search engine will prioritize high PR website instead of those low rank blogs or websites. Every new post you make by high PR blog, easily appeared on first page of Google search engine and you'll get tons of organic traffic flow to your websites/blogs instantly.

How To Check My Blog Page Ranking?

It pretty easy, follow below steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Key in website that you wish to search for pagerank.Then press "Check PR" button.
  3. Then key in image characters which appear for verification, press "OK"
  4. Finally, it'll show up the PR number of your website or blog as below. My blog only PR1 :(

How To Increase Blog Pagerank?

In order to get popular for search engines, you need traffic. Traffic mean everything for internet marketer or bloggers. The more traffic generated, your blog will rank higher in Google.

1. Keep on Posting
Content is king for blogger. You need to keep on update and posting new contents on blog that allow visitors keep on coming to your blog for new stuff. Reader love fresh content, increase the frequent of posting content is essential to increase blog traffic.

2. Generate Backlink Your Blog
Backlinks are essential part of SEO - search engine optimization. The page rank determine of how well your blog been optimized in search engine, includes the number of social likes received from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, and how relevant the page is to searchers. Backlinks are part of SEO strategy and is key to determine to success of your blog.

Backlinks can be place with different of methods includes social bookmarking sites, article directories, forum posting, comment posting and blogs itself.The more backlink placed, mean you have higher percentage of traffic will link toward your blog. Direct and indirectly will increase more relevant and targeted traffic flow into your blog.Checkout list of Get Paid Article Directories.

3. Socialize On Social Networking Sites
Keep active on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkID and Myspace. Posting comment that relevant to your blog content with blog URL included. People who same interest will click on the link and visit your blog. Besides, you can post your blog link in social networking profile page to increase referral and blog traffic as well. Visit Tips on How to Get More Twitter Followers.

With above listed method, how that my blog page rank will increase from PR1 to PR2 next year.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Finally My NeoBux Payment Had Arrive in 2012

I know..i know..everyone don't like making money on PTC, because they are scam, not trusted, always run away when reached payout thread hold and low CPC (click per cost) but at least nothing for me. Yeah, at least zero!

If you not doing anything mean you totally don't have anything by end of the day, totally zero but let you click 5 click per day with $0.001 per click, then you have $0.005 daily. Let do some math here ( i don't really good in this, let me know if i count it wrongly).

10 clicks per day, cost per click $0.001:
1 day = $0.01
1 month = 30 X $0.01 = $0.30
1 year = $0.30 X 12 = $3.6

See! One year you have $3.6 vs zero. If you don't action mean you totally got zero. PTC is very dead brain job, just click and wait until it reach the time, then you got the money. Think about's the easiest way to earn money online.Below attached also my latest 2012 Neobux payment proof.

But don't blindly go and join any PTC that available online, you'll definitely come and scold me for telling all those earning junk shit above. You need to join those well establish and trusted PTC that already long run for more than 3 years and gain positive testimonies from online forums.

Below are 2 PTC sites that i joined and 100% Payout guaranteed:

1. Neobux

2. Wordlinx

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Make Money Writing On Zujava

Believe i did write a post regarding new article directory called Zujava (is kind of bird name, i guess) past few days. It's a new site and only launched end of 2011 and only gain popularity staring Jan 2012.

I'm joined this site on 29 Jan 2012 and i did check on the PR still ranked as PR0 but today when i recheck then it pop significantly to PR2 within less than one month.

Most of the member of Zujava are lensmaster from Squidoo even for the co-founder Bill himself. The working model for Zujava is likely same as Squidoo where it give you builded template module such as rich text module, Amazon module, picture module and more. You can just click and add in module and write content inside there. In Zujava article called as leaf (lens for Squidoo).

Zujava payout model same as Squidoo as well.You don't need a Google Adsense for payment, all you need just a Paypal account. So, for those who don't have Adsense, then Zujava is another alternative for you to get paid writing online.

Beside making money, Zujava also allow you to generate up to maximum 10 do-follow backlinks to your websites and blog in single leaf. So, you make money with Amazon affiliate, generate traffic, get paid per view monthly payout and generate backlinks in the same times.

I did wrote several leaf in Zujava as below:

  1. Best Google Android Tablet 2012
  2. How To Play PC Games On PS3
  3. Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 500 

If you're interest to make money online and get paid passively writing online,come and sign up free with Zujava today!

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

My First Chitika Payment Proof

I nearly forgot to post my first ever Chitika payment proof here in my blog. I got it Sept 2011 last year with amount of $11.00. It not a big cash of money but at least it proof that Chitika is legit and paid for their publishers.

I'm been joining with Chitika more than 2 year now and i gain most of the income from revenue sharing on Bukisa. Bukisa is a revenue sharing base article directories where writers able to choose whether include Google Adsense or Chitika as their affiliate earning source. As for me, i'm definetely will go for Chitika as my Adsense account got banned by Google without any solid reason.

Comparatively, Chitika earning is slow but it is an great alternative for Adsense. Chitika has different ads display compare with Adsenss. Chitika ads only display base of search engines keyword, instead of display base on relevant content ads. So, you have more target visitors to drop into your website and higher potential to generate cash per click. Chitika work fine together with Adsense. It legal to put Chitika and Adsense side-by-side in one single landing page.

So, if you're looking for Adsense alternative or get another option to generate online money income then Chitika definitely a great choice you can think of.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Get Paid Writing With Zujava

Zujava is a free article directory that just launched in January 2012. It pretty similar like Squidoo where you can insert template and module inside your article.Although, it's a revenue sharing site but you don't need a Google Adsense in order to get paid here.

How Does Make Money in Zujava
Zujava share 50% of ads revenues with their member. Their site revenue mainly come from Adsense and Chitika earning and they also share Amazon product earning as well.

It depending on traffic numbers, sales numbers, social interaction, and a number of other factors, your page can fall into three buckets. These buckets determine how much money your article will make. Zujava articles make money from Google Adsense ads and Chitika ads, as well as any Amazon sections you add to your page. These ads are automatically displayed when you publish a leaf, you have to do nothing other than enter the email account associated with your PayPal account on your dashboard.

How To Build A Page In Zujava
First, create an account by clicking "join." Fill out your profile information, then get started on your first page on Zujava by clicking "create page." The Zujava format was created to be a super easy way to create attractive pages that can be published online on the topics you know about. Pages with unique, useful, and/or though provoking content tend to perform best on Zujava and the web in general.

So, if you're lensmaster of Squidoo then you surely can't miss out Zujava.

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Top Searches Hot 200 Keywords In 2012

Came across Jaaxy keyword search tool and randomly display out different categories  top searches keywords available in 2012.

Each single of these keywords are easy to rank in search engines and get decent of massive traffic once use it on article marketing and blogging. You can start an article with those keyword and utilize SEO campaigns with those words includes inside.

List of hot Keywords:

1. ge profile range, 1012 traffic, 232 competing pages
2. ugg boots clearance, 3879 traffic, 2 competing pages
3. how do you make your hair grow faster, 1268 traffic, 223 competing pages
4. where can i buy an ipad2, 600 traffic, 68 competing pages
5. lg portable air conditioner, 5333 traffic, 240 competing pages
6. birthday cake clipart, 3434 traffic, 221 competing pages
7. toys for 2 year olds, 3508 traffic, 249 competing pages
8. private singing lessons, 897 traffic, 234 competing pages
9. best way lose belly fat, 755 traffic, 170 competing pages
10. smartwool socks sale, 623 traffic, 190 competing pages
11. campers for trucks, 267 traffic, 123 competing pages
12. customized rubber bracelets, 514 traffic, 157 competing pages
13. bipolar famous people, 305 traffic, 91 competing pages
14. omeprazole 40 mg, 3809 traffic, 231 competing pages
15. bible verses for hope, 318 traffic, 60 competing pages
16. traffic school california online, 1180 traffic, 224 competing pages
17. bwi parking coupons, 3222 traffic, 82 competing pages
18. normal a1c levels, 2836 traffic, 242 competing pages
19. online photography schools, 7232 traffic, 248 competing pages
20. hpi savage x, 519 traffic, 206 competing pages
21. simple chicken coops, 405 traffic, 209 competing pages
22. car donation value, 1248 traffic, 189 competing pages
23. bipolar disorder pictures, 539 traffic, 127 competing pages
24. 30 slide in gas range, 549 traffic, 222 competing pages
25. what causes ear ringing, 605 traffic, 242 competing pages
26. jailbreak iphone 4 free, 554 traffic, 233 competing pages
27. evangelism clip art, 300 traffic, 44 competing pages
28. driving clip art, 567 traffic, 173 competing pages
29. free standing electric range, 308 traffic, 238 competing pages
30. gall bladder attack symptoms, 9940 traffic, 228 competing pages
31. xxx video porn, 3058 traffic, 142 competing pages
32. princess birthday cupcakes, 293 traffic, 162 competing pages
33. rawhide tv series, 549 traffic, 227 competing pages
34. guaranteed pass driving courses, 3122 traffic, 154 competing pages
35. how to make bread from scratch, 354 traffic, 142 competing pages
36. gourmet cheese baskets, 341 traffic, 227 competing pages
37. leather backpack handbags, 300 traffic, 209 competing pages
38. twitter com, 212392 traffic, 89 competing pages
39. bowtech bows for sale, 435 traffic, 115 competing pages
40. become fitness trainer, 694 traffic, 155 competing pages
41. wrinkles treatment, 440 traffic, 2 competing pages
42. dtw airport parking, 379 traffic, 144 competing pages
43. home made cat toys, 666 traffic, 155 competing pages
44. police car cartoon, 595 traffic, 194 competing pages
45. exercises to grow your penis, 336 traffic, 223 competing pages
46. gator lawn mower blades, 453 traffic, 142 competing pages
47. medical transcriptionist course online, 1093 traffic, 52 competing pages
48. cheap pet carriers, 295 traffic, 196 competing pages
49. big green egg price, 1108 traffic, 130 competing pages
50. black opal makeup, 499 traffic, 215 competing pages
51. how to make pancake batter, 2942 traffic, 127 competing pages
52. free knit patterns, 3326 traffic, 223 competing pages
53. heart palpitations causes, 4063 traffic, 236 competing pages
54. cabin rentals in michigan, 666 traffic, 81 competing pages
55. food to lose belly fat, 473 traffic, 202 competing pages
56. love to know, 2825 traffic, 163 competing pages
57. playground clip art, 6915 traffic, 195 competing pages
58. online restaurant coupons, 1047 traffic, 179 competing pages
59. todays christian music, 458 traffic, 56 competing pages
60. loratadine side effects, 6407 traffic, 231 competing pages
61. billy blanks videos, 328 traffic, 225 competing pages
62. top fantasy books, 399 traffic, 151 competing pages
63. fitness trainer school, 303 traffic, 181 competing pages
64. distance education course online, 397 traffic, 95 competing pages
65. orange county airport parking, 712 traffic, 146 competing pages
66. houston iah airport, 1017 traffic, 249 competing pages
67. how to become a zumba instructor, 1014 traffic, 233 competing pages
68. cheap gaming laptops under 500, 511 traffic, 137 competing pages
69. milwaukee airport shuttle, 491 traffic, 103 competing pages
70. midway airport parking rates, 770 traffic, 56 competing pages
71. gourmet nuts gifts, 720 traffic, 110 competing pages
72. firetruck clip art, 466 traffic, 132 competing pages
73. singing lessons for kids, 3338 traffic, 223 competing pages
74. foods that help lose belly fat, 328 traffic, 172 competing pages
75. milwaukee airport parking, 6280 traffic, 237 competing pages
76. last minute deals to las vegas, 1098 traffic, 182 competing pages
77. pressure washers direct, 425 traffic, 126 competing pages
78. coffee latte makers, 331 traffic, 95 competing pages
79. plus size lingeries, 356 traffic, 242 competing pages
80. gay city, 3005 traffic, 210 competing pages
81. citimortgage customer service, 7422 traffic, 145 competing pages
82. flameless votive candles, 448 traffic, 213 competing pages
83. whirlpool gold refrigerators, 3994 traffic, 219 competing pages
84. vintage schwinn bicycles for sale, 557 traffic, 74 competing pages
85. fat boy bean bags, 265 traffic, 221 competing pages
86. garden oasis gazebo, 1012 traffic, 235 competing pages
87. kid designer shoes, 857 traffic, 74 competing pages
88. basketball room decor, 336 traffic, 170 competing pages
89. dovo straight razors, 493 traffic, 239 competing pages
90. weight vest workouts, 349 traffic, 129 competing pages
91. how to make spaghetti sauce, 7734 traffic, 241 competing pages
92. how to make pancake mix, 3122 traffic, 136 competing pages
93. keurig coffee maker coupons, 265 traffic, 60 competing pages
94. play virtual families, 742 traffic, 245 competing pages
95. programmable thermostat reviews, 481 traffic, 221 competing pages
96. flat belly diet menu, 499 traffic, 172 competing pages
97. o'hare parking rates, 262 traffic, 19 competing pages
98. ringmaster halloween costume, 354 traffic, 176 competing pages
99. smallest portable air conditioner, 524 traffic, 169 competing pages
100. jax airport parking, 417 traffic, 137 competing pages
101. bow tech archery, 463 traffic, 159 competing pages
102. pictures of teacup pigs, 316 traffic, 65 competing pages
103. compare e readers, 3069 traffic, 210 competing pages
104. recreational vehicle parks, 5544 traffic, 142 competing pages
105. washington land for sale, 524 traffic, 193 competing pages
106. cheap lax parking, 3730 traffic, 133 competing pages
107. best electric pressure washer, 681 traffic, 199 competing pages
108. grand canyon arizona hotels, 776 traffic, 115 competing pages
109. lean body protein shake, 989 traffic, 133 competing pages
110. blank greeting card template, 341 traffic, 105 competing pages
111. fundraising ideas for individuals, 491 traffic, 206 competing pages
112. bible verses on prayer, 880 traffic, 220 competing pages
113. 1 week driving course, 814 traffic, 66 competing pages
114. thank you note for interview, 722 traffic, 89 competing pages
115. hot tix chicago, 4232 traffic, 94 competing pages
116. bible verses on forgiveness, 1047 traffic, 233 competing pages
117. boca raton golf courses, 316 traffic, 191 competing pages
118. wen hair care ingredients, 641 traffic, 85 competing pages
119. donate your car charity, 1164 traffic, 113 competing pages
120. women clip art, 3979 traffic, 242 competing pages
121. mediterranean diet sample menu, 6491 traffic, 134 competing pages
122. making change games, 295 traffic, 58 competing pages
123. how much exercise to lose weight, 638 traffic, 215 competing pages
124. quick pass driving courses, 534 traffic, 92 competing pages
125. cash for my car, 3735 traffic, 241 competing pages
126. tv guide, 2779621 traffic, 144 competing pages
127. care one debt relief, 565 traffic, 203 competing pages
128. fat burning supplements for women, 382 traffic, 206 competing pages
129. ipod touch hard case, 1017 traffic, 223 competing pages
130. warrior lacrosse heads, 272 traffic, 140 competing pages
131. celiac disease definition, 6158 traffic, 179 competing pages
132. omeprazole side effects, 5756 traffic, 221 competing pages
133. yorkies sale, 6761 traffic, 156 competing pages
134. amazon uk, 1232819 traffic, 128 competing pages
135. academy sports locations, 7359 traffic, 88 competing pages
136. best gps to buy, 661 traffic, 249 competing pages
137. jailbreak iphone 4 4.1, 466 traffic, 221 competing pages
138. left kidney pain, 3439 traffic, 243 competing pages
139. damaged hair products, 765 traffic, 200 competing pages
140. womens golf club sets, 521 traffic, 231 competing pages
141. clip art picture frames, 727 traffic, 210 competing pages
142. traeger grill reviews, 3677 traffic, 46 competing pages
143. arctic air freezer, 440 traffic, 238 competing pages
144. natural remedies for hair growth, 646 traffic, 147 competing pages
145. does running burn belly fat, 956 traffic, 141 competing pages
146. whirlpool dishwasher reviews, 3190 traffic, 161 competing pages
147. junk yards cars, 311 traffic, 136 competing pages
148. natural remedies for sinus headaches, 267 traffic, 182 competing pages
149. foreclosures real estate, 366 traffic, 206 competing pages
150. cheap intensive driving courses, 661 traffic, 91 competing pages
151. live oil prices, 3402 traffic, 114 competing pages
152. pop up trailers for sale, 1195 traffic, 175 competing pages
153. play clip art, 371 traffic, 241 competing pages
154. amazon mp3, 51590 traffic, 150 competing pages
155. lady gaga costumes ideas, 387 traffic, 73 competing pages
156. clip art graphic, 285 traffic, 72 competing pages
157. yorkie puppy for adoption, 10332 traffic, 204 competing pages
158. jillian michaels bio, 1139 traffic, 198 competing pages
159. slow cooker soup recipes, 2873 traffic, 230 competing pages
160. lax parking lots, 405 traffic, 139 competing pages
161. newhall ca real estate, 3949 traffic, 162 competing pages
162. nikon d3 price, 445 traffic, 151 competing pages
163. denver airport long term parking, 384 traffic, 30 competing pages
164. dragon for mac, 628 traffic, 152 competing pages
165. antique crochet hooks, 260 traffic, 143 competing pages
166. stamina 1205 rower, 293 traffic, 134 competing pages
167. pea coat women, 328 traffic, 237 competing pages
168. forex strategies revealed, 328 traffic, 187 competing pages
169. las vegas airport parking rates, 511 traffic, 22 competing pages
170. lemon juice hair, 1121 traffic, 242 competing pages
171. healthy diets for teens, 311 traffic, 240 competing pages
172. bad gallbladder symptoms, 3566 traffic, 92 competing pages
173. how much do teacup pigs cost, 549 traffic, 48 competing pages
174. ge profile ranges, 313 traffic, 196 competing pages
175. kitco silver chart, 5238 traffic, 131 competing pages
176. best ipad 2 covers, 369 traffic, 247 competing pages
177. p90x lean workout, 366 traffic, 250 competing pages
178. fisher price tool bench, 468 traffic, 179 competing pages
179. how much is an ipad 2, 504 traffic, 136 competing pages
180. wholesale christian books, 1004 traffic, 233 competing pages
181. chevron gas station, 4872 traffic, 194 competing pages
182. people search website, 1223 traffic, 162 competing pages
183. dateabonk, 694 traffic, 148 competing pages
184. car accident lawyer, 9021 traffic, 2 competing pages
185. 40th birthday humor, 626 traffic, 218 competing pages
186. kiss clip art, 3143 traffic, 206 competing pages
187. longest golf balls, 308 traffic, 238 competing pages
188. sfo long term parking, 3719 traffic, 239 competing pages
189. tall wedding vases, 666 traffic, 221 competing pages
190. unique babies names, 267 traffic, 31 competing pages
191. www facebook com, 256299 traffic, 56 competing pages
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197. best lacrosse head, 493 traffic, 94 competing pages
198. power wood carving tools, 440 traffic, 199 competing pages
199. humira side effects, 3857 traffic, 128 competing pages
200. turkey fryer parts, 344 traffic, 222 competing pages