Sunday, 23 October 2011

Planning for Chengdu SiChuan Relocation

I'm been assigned to an assignment that need to be relocate to ChengDu for 4 months. With these time been, i'm not sure whether can able to continue has internet access and writing blog update like right now. So, you may be get slow response from me especially on frequency of blog updating.

With 4 months relocation plan, mean i need to spent my Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine and more oversea. Nightmare to me! Plus, i need to separate with my family and love me in my home country.  This not the first time been relocate to other country with long period of time. My last assignment happen in 2008 and i need to go to Cavite, Philippine for over 5 months.

Well, it definitely a memorable journey for me. I did meet several foreign friends on my last assignment and hope this trip will be the same.

 I been to several country before such as Xiamen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Phuket and Macau but nothing seem to be the same with this time as i'm currently just attached to family and have great responsibility compare with previous single life man.

Have anyone been to Sichuan before? Any nice place recommended for first comer like me? Feel free to leave a comment in my blog.