Saturday, 1 October 2011

List Of Top 10 Hottest Halloween Costumes In 2011 Is Out

Are you looking for list of hottest and best selling Halloween costumes designs in 2011? Thinking on how to dress up with cool costumes for Halloween party this year? If yes, then you come into the right spot. Here will share with list of best deal of Halloween costumes that make your child to become what they want to be.

This year Halloween costumes circle around pop culture with top movies and celebrities style. But there still have other options that you may can take as consideration.

Below are the top 10 hottest Halloween costumes ideas in 2011:

  1. Green Lantern
  2. The Thor
  3. Captain America
  4. Vampires
  5. Smurfs
  6. Charlie Sheen
  7. Monster High
  8. Angry Birds
  9. Lighting McQueen
  10. Lady Gaga 
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