Saturday, 1 October 2011

Finally I Got My First Ever Chitika Payout

After long waiting for almost 2 years, i'm finally got my first ever Chitika payout cost $10.60. You can see below for my Chitika payment proof attached. Yeah, i'm been working for Chitika for 2 years. I'm admit that not very active to publish my Chitika ads for the past 1.5 years as still in learning curve in this make money online business. I only start more involve in Chitika ads for late half years due to my adsense got disable and suspended without reason.

I'm been struggle around to find alternative online networking that really legit and trust-able, then i remember i do have a Chitika account. I start integrate Chitika to Bukisa & blogger then money start rolling in day by day. Chitika ads displayed base on search engine keywords. So, you got higher CPM paid and get targeted click from web visitors. If you still not a member of Chitika , sign up free now!

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Chitika work great tag together with Adsense. It legally suit Adsense policies and Terms & Conditions. So you don't need to be worry to place Chitika ads with Adsense. Hope that other articles directories such as Triond, Hubpages and Expertscolumn have optional affiliate setting that allow users to earn revenue sharing with Chitika.