Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Don't Ever Integrate Triond With Google Adsense

Triond is a article directory where you can earn per unique page view and revenue sharing site. Sound good right that you able to double your article income with Adsense and page view but realistically is not.

When you integrate Triond with Adsense, you're putting Adsense account in risk to get disable and suspended by Google. Triond itself generate high risk in term of exposed to pornographic and sexuality content. Triond admin didn't taking care and well control to eliminate and separated out truely quality content vs those high risk articles.

Once you lost Adsense account then you're doom. It very difficult to appeal for reactive back and most of your online earning source will lost with that. Google adsense is essential and core source of make money online. So think twist and take good care of your Adsense account.

There are several Triond user already encounter similar issue where their Adsense account got banned by Google due to this matter. If you're Triond writer, stop and disable your Adsense integration with Triond now else you're face the similar circumstances as mentioned above.