Don't Ever Integrate Triond With Google Adsense

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 Labels: ,

Triond is a article directory where you can earn per unique page view and revenue sharing site. Sound good right that you able to double your article income with Adsense and page view but realistically is not.

When you integrate Triond with Adsense, you're putting Adsense account in risk to get disable and suspended by Google. Triond itself generate high risk in term of exposed to pornographic and sexuality content. Triond admin didn't taking care and well control to eliminate and separated out truely quality content vs those high risk articles.

Once you lost Adsense account then you're doom. It very difficult to appeal for reactive back and most of your online earning source will lost with that. Google adsense is essential and core source of make money online. So think twist and take good care of your Adsense account.

There are several Triond user already encounter similar issue where their Adsense account got banned by Google due to this matter. If you're Triond writer, stop and disable your Adsense integration with Triond now else you're face the similar circumstances as mentioned above.

Waiting Get Paid From Chitika - My First Chitika Payment

Friday, 9 September 2011 Labels: ,

I'm waiting get paid from Chitika. I joined Chitika for almost 2 years now, and just reach the min payout from them next month. I'm started slow where i'm not really pay full concentration on Chitika until recently i integrated my Chitika account with Bukisa. Bukisa is a article directory where you can integrate either Adsense and Chitika account to earn affiliate income. So i decide to give a try to my Chitika account. Seem like i do the right thing within 2 months of waiting, i finally get reach my minimum $10 thread hold and anxiously waiting for my first ever Chitika payout through my paypal account.

Through out the year of struggling on internet marketing, i learn one thing that you can't put one egg in single basket.  You need to separate earning source to other alternative option. Let said you have an Adsense account, you can't really focus 100% on Google. In fact, you need to get alternative earning source to generate extra income such as Chitika, Infolinks and more. In case, you lost Adsense account, at least you have other alternative income to support you.

If you're searching for Google Adsense alternative, then Chitika is a right choice for you. Click on below banner to sign up for free!

Get Chitika | Premium

My First Payout From Expertscolumn

Monday, 5 September 2011 Labels: ,

Yes, you got it right! Today i got my first ever payment proof from article submit site - Expertscolumn. I did post rough introduction about Expertcolumn past few days and today i got first payout via Paypal from them. Expertscolumn minimum payout is $5.

If you're interested to get paid by writing articles online, come and join us on Expertcolumn today!

Refer below $5.25 payment proof from Expertscolumn, Yipee!!

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