Monday, 29 August 2011

Waiting Get Paid From ExpertsColumn - Personal Expertscolumn Reviews

Expertscolumn is a great article directory where paid their member by unique views (CPM basic). The rate is depends upon the current CPM of the site of the whole. For example, if the current CPM is $5.00, then you earn $5.00 per every 1000 unique views that your articles generated. Expertcolumn is currently PR3. I'm joined ExpertsColumn for 2 months now, so far i'm pretty sactify with their service in term of support and response. Min payout is $5 via paypal or Moneybookers. You can choose either one payment methods from their sites.

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Your article need to be original and unique in order to get published there. I'm already posted 20 articles there and get steady 30-40 page views per day in Expertscolumn. Expertscolumn is a revenue sharing site and in the same time generate do-follow backlinks to boost your website and blog traffic. See example of my article published in Expertcolumn: Great Dragon Tattoos Design for Men

Expertscolumn build-in with stat feature where you can monitor articles performance in term of total views and searches keywords. Plus, you can sort and filter by days, week or months to analysis in depth of your article stat performance.

Expertscolumn also introduce referral program where you eligible to earn extra 10% of the earning make by your referral for the lifetime. For instants, if your referral earned $5.00 per 1000 page views which mean you entitled to get $0.50 for every 1k viewer from Expertscolumn.

I shall post my payment proof here once i got the payout from them next month.