Monday, 8 August 2011

Top 4 Ways To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Many people don't really realize how much money they actually can earn online with Amazon affiliate program. Since working online in 2009 until now, Amazon had become my main source of internet income that perfectly give me approximately $400 per month as a result of dedication, SEO, backlinks building, articles writing, usage of social network and blog posting. If you're beginner that just step inside internet marketing and figure out how to achieve high goal with Amazon affiliate, you can refer below Amazon money making tips that can consider as reference.

1. Wisely use of SEO and choose the relevant Amazon product
Correct SEO strategy with targeted customer is the main point to continually increase Amazon sales. It include 2 main key item : choosing relevant keyword and correct niche & products to write reviews. For example, i had start write review on Xbox 360 accessories until my site well stabilized and capable to build a strong foundation of targeted visitors that flow in my site daily. Now start to expand it by introduce other relevant Xbox 360 products such as Xbox 360 games, console, controller and more. Eventually, related accessories will available on Amazon and sale will happen. You the one who gain the most benefit from it.

2. Keyword Research and Choose the correct Keyword
Don't use keyword that lack searches and narrow to include in your Amazon product reviews. Instead, focus on what people really looking for an item with long trail keywords. Try to include keyword which includes: best deal, cheap, top rated and best reviews. Most of the people interested to understand more detail on the product specification before really pulling their wallet to buy the item.

If you don't have any idea on how to look for best SEO keyword tool, recommended NicheFinder software that help you to find the most relevant and effective keywords with competition analysis.

Click on video clip below to find out how you can use Niche Finder software for keyword research tool reviews.

3. Use Article Marketing To Boost Amazon Sale
Article writing is the fastest and easiest way to get Amazon product promoted and increase traffic via using backlinks. You can write articles and products reviews in your blog follow by rewrite relevant content in other articles directories such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezinearticles and Bukisa to boost up your backlinks juice and increase products promotion. You can refer to List of Get Paid To Write Article Online Site to search for legit  article sites that paid you to write online.

Recommended that allow you to promote affiliate products by writing top product reviews and boost your sites traffic in the same times. Checkout my Streaming Player for Netflix Reviews.

4. Use Social Networking To Promote Amazon Products
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is a great platform where you can promote Amazon link to your friend and other by sending link suggestion and let the cash flow into your account automatically. But you need to take note in order no to create spam link to other users and let other feel annoying of your link and reputation.