Monday, 1 August 2011

Step by Step How To Make Money On Squidoo

SQUIDOO is the best online article submit directory that allow you to get revenue sharing via Adsense, Amazon affiliate, Chitika and Infolinks as well. Squidoo build-in with sophisticated and ease to use module base lens builder where you can create your own article by as simple as drag and drop.

If you still not yet a member of Squidoo, you can SIGN UP free here.

Is it possible to make money in Squidoo?
The answer is yes. Squidoo can help lensemaster to generate residual income by only submitting online articles but the question is how long it will take and get prepared to actually get paid online. Personally, to get your first $100 you need to set a goal for 4 months. Squidoo not a get rich over night scam, you definitely need to put extra effort in order to dig a gold from it. Once you get familiar with Squidoo, your earning will grow tremendously and exponentially with steady income monthly.

Where to begin Making Money With Squidoo
Where to start? Let me think. In order to earn with Squidoo, you need to understand and pratise on SEO skill/term that usually appear in most of the making money online forum such as:

  • Keywords Research - How to use correct keyword and long trail key phrases in your content is essential to create quality content. Using the right keyword can draw massive traffic right into your article. Traffic mean everything in term of making money online. No traffic from search engine such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo mean you don't generate any ad click and you'll not get any sale from amazon. 
  • Quality Content - Content is king when you try to get paid online. You need to know what you need to put into your articles. Try to focus on Ever Green topic which mean topic that will be searching by other around the year instead of those sudden hit topic such as election result. Content of your article need to be in target on what niche topic that you'll be writing. Find niche that are low competition and high searches that allow people easy to locate your articles. 
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) - Basically, is how to let search engine index your article and easy to allocate your links. In order to make money online, your articles need to be search engine friendly where Google, Yahoo or Bing search spider can index your blog or website instantly.

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