Friday, 26 August 2011

List Of Top 10 Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Writing article online and get paid is the most easiest ways to make money online without any investment in term of money. But off course you need to put effort and times in order to build and write quality contents. There are tons of article directories on the net today that provide such services but you need to choose the best among them. Below listed the top 10 most legitimacy and trusted revenue sharing article directories reviews in 2011.

  1. Squidoo - PR7 - Squidoo is the lead of article submit site where provide revenue sharing in term of Adsense, Amazon affiliate product commission, Chitika, Infolinks and more. Best of all, you don't need to own an Adsense account in order to get paid by Squidoo. They give rewards base on tier system, where higher ranking of your article place then high % of paid you will get. Sign Up Free! 
  2. Triond - PR5  - Triond is another great article writing site that let you to integrate Google Adsense right into your published content. You get 50% of ads click revenue sharing while Triond get another 50% of Adsense ads paid. But Triond also paid you per impression as well, which mean the more unique visitors get into your articles then Triond will paid you $1 per 1000 per views. Sign Up Free!
  3. Bukisa - PR5 - Bukisa is a great article site where you can share ideas/ knowledge and earn money in the same time. You can choose either integrate affiliate earning with Chitika or Adsense. You earn 60% revenue sharing with every ads click happen on Chitika/Adsense. You can republish your own articles content in Bukisa, but ensure that those content are originally written by you.
  4. Hubpages - PR6 - Hubpages had change their policy since Feb 2011 due to Google Panda update. They pretty straight in term of quality and originality of content published. So, if you're enthusiastic writer that passion about everything and aim high to earn money online, then you can give a try. Hubpages allow hubber to earn money with 60% revenue sharing from Adsense, Amazon, Ebay module. Now they also integrate with own Hubpages Ads program where you can gain rewards base on unique views.Hubpages build in with template where you can includes photos, video, poll, link and even map modules inside your articles content. 
  5. Flixya - PR5 - Flixya is a 100% Adsense revenue sharing site where you can post blog, video and pictures. You can published original article in Flixya and make decent of money from there.
  6. Seekyt - PR2 - begin as a social bookmarking site then slowly transform to become an article directory where you can integrate Adsense and Amazon associate program inside. You get 60% of ads click while Seekyt get 40%. Sign Up Free Now!
  7. Expertcolumn - PR3 - Expertcolumn is not revenue sharing site but you can make money with unique page views. The more visitor flow into you article then you make more money. Base on 20 articles published in their site, i got $1.5 per 1000 page views. Sign Up for Free!
  8. Infobarrel - PR4 - Infobarrel is a great revenue sharing article directory where you can get 60% of ads click and Amazon product sale commission as well. Besides, you can also integrate Chitika with Infobarrel as well. Click to sign up Now!
  9. Best-Reviewer - PR4 - Best Reviewer is a new site just launched in 2010 and rocket up to PR4 ranking within half year. You can publish top articles and salary pages inside. With integrated Adsense, you can get 100% of ads clicked paid. Besides, it also allow do-follow link and build massive backlink back to your blog and websites. Great site to try on! Sign Up for Free Now!
  10. Blogger - Finally, is your very own blog. 100% adsense paid per click. Amazon available also 100% commission per sale.

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