Friday, 5 August 2011

How To Get Massive High Traffic To Your Blog and Websites

In order to generate income from your blog and websites the basic fundamental element you need is: TRAFFIC!!. No traffic = No earning = No Money! Every internet market struggling they head to appear first page in Google search ranking. Once you successful did that mean your blog or webpages will crowed with organic traffic with target customers and audiences.

OK. How you generate free traffic by using available basic web tool? Here will share with you top 5 tips on how to build a lot of traffic flow into your blog and web pages.

  1. Keep on posting content. If you're blogger then you need to be hard working and putting effort to continually update and posting content. Do put initiative to yourself to post 2-3 content inside your blog and web pages everyday. Quality and catchy topic definitely will attract traffic to keep on coming to your blogs.
  2. Creating Backlinks . Make contents and blog posted link to each other. By linking all those new and old post together will generate extra traffic to your pages. More backlinks mean you are generating more possibility for other to search your sites well and improving search engine optimization opportunity.
  3. Publicity and socialization. Write and publish a blog post and content is not enough, you need to how to promote and socialize in order to increase web pages publicity and generate massive traffic to view your sites. Actively involve in social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, Youtube, Twitter, and Mypages. Link your blog inside personality profile pages. Create visibility and promote sites effectively and free. Don't know how to use Twitter? How to increase Twitter followers? Click on HERE to know more detail how to get more Twitter followers for free!
  4. Ping your blog or web sites. Use free SEO ping tool online to ping your blog and sites to increase search engine faster index and crawl updated contents. Below are some of the free ping sites:,, and more..
  5. Understand and apply SEO skill well. Brush up your search engine optimization skill. What search engines behavior and how to get the most of search engines?  Use proper keyword with top search by people. Put effort in keyword research and niche topic that hot searches by people on the web.

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