Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Google Adsense Alternative - Chitika Revenue Sharing Sites

Don't put eggs in the same basket. Believe many other know the meaning of it. In order to generate residual income online, you can't only depend with one single source of earning. Do you ever think of one day your adsense account get banned by Google? What you'll do to keep on survive in online marketing?

Chitika is one of the advertising network that you can consider. How does Chitika actually work? Chitika work pretty same ways as Adsense. It paid per valid click. Some people even say that Chitika work and earn more compare with Adsense.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Chitika
Advantage : Chitika does paid per valid click and impression. The Chitika reports only will display out once fully audited. This mean you get genuine results of earning and you not need to wait until end of the month in order to get your earning finalized.

Disadvantage: Chitika only displayed their ads that come from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and not showing up when traffic come from social networking, blog and other referral links. Which mean, ads click that directly targeted from search engine get higher paid per rate compare with others source of traffic and increase the earning per click.

Chitika Revenue Sharing Sites

Frankly, there are not many sites that offer Chitika revenue sharing compare with Adsense. You can check on List of Revenue Sharing Articles Writing Sites. Below are 2 revenue sharing sites that allow Chitika ads click sharing.

1. Infobarrel
Infobarrel is a great site for revenue sharing, they share 75% impression on your published content. Guess what? The percentage will increase up to 90% every month if your meet their requirement of total pointed accumulated.  On each article that over 1000 words, you'll get 5 points. Once reached 30 points, then you eligible to get 90% impression earning via your articles.

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2. Bukisa
Bukisa is a popular revenue sharing articles writing site. Initially, Bukisa paid their member with Bukisa index where publisher get certain amount of paid out per 1000 viewer. Example $4 per 1000 unique viewers for instant. But due to traffic exchange sites and spammers that misused their advantages, in the beginning of 2011, Bukisa decided to change their policy and paid their member via revenue sharing.

Bukisa provides optional affiliate earning selection to their member. Member can choose to use Google Adsense or Chitika as their earning model. Revenue shared as 60% mean if put Adsense in to your Bukisa content then you will get 60% of total ads click. Chitika share by 60% impression.

Example of Chitika ads displayed in Bukisa: Sexy Female Foot Tattoos Design

3. In Your Own Blog
Yeah, you're correct! You definetely can place Chitika ads in your own blog and get 100% of ads impression.

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