Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't Copy Paste My Blog - Script That Protect Your Blog From Plagiarize

I'm not sure about you, but i definitely don't like blog content appear similarly in other blog. Worst part is that they copy it word by word, no change anything at all and even didn't leave a resource, note or comment that mentioned that they copy paste it to their blog. This kind of people really make me angry!

After some searches through the web, i'm came across a simple scripting that can protect your blog content steal from thief. This simple coding will unable them to right click and select your blog. If you don't really care about plagiarize then you can ignore this trick.

Goto blog setting then choice Template -> Edit HTML. Find this code <body> then replace with this code:

<body onmousedown="return false" oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false">

Try for yourself, and let me know whether is workable for you or not. It work fine for me!