Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blogging Tips - Top 6 Secret To Increase Earning and Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone love blogging nowaday. There are every 20 new blogs created in the worlds every minutes. Just imagine the competition against blogger to gain and increase traffics among them. How you can get a lot of traffic on your blog without spending a dime of money? Below are top 6 must do tips for blogger in order to get earning from your blog. Check this out!

  1. Get a correct blogging platform to start on. There are several free online blogging platform you can choose : Blogger, Wordpress, Weblog and more. For me, i stick with blogger ( It easy to setup and flexible to use. You can start your first ever blog within few minutes of times and got build-in template that get you integrate with Adsense and Amazon earning as well. Thumb up!
  2. What you gonna write inside your blog. Get a niche and topic that you interested with. If you love to make money online, then you can write almost everything on how you earn money online fast. Find a niche that you knowledge and passion about it. 
  3. Keep on update and posting your content. You can dedicated yourself to post 2-3 post per week for a beginner and increase the frequency when you get familiar with your blog. You do need to emphasize on content quality as well. Do share your ideas and make your blog benefits to others. Ensure others keep on coming to your blog for more.
  4. Intergrate blog with Google Adsense and other network ads program. If you still yet to get an Adsense account, go and register in:  . Besides Adsense, there are other alternative blog earning sources that can increase your income such as Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera and pay per post.
  5. SEO Search engine optimization - Master SEO skill to allow other find your blog easily and get search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo index your blog instantly. Get your blog in first page of Google search mean everything for blogger or internet marketer. Top SEO traffic = most visitors = more PPC = more money! Search engine optimization techniques includes use catchy title on your blog, keywords research, create do-follow backlinks, social network promotion, publicity and articles marketing.
  6. Affiliate program - You can increase blog income by selling other people stuff and get commission of your sale.  You don't need to keep inventory and no after sale services needed. Check out top rated affiliate program such as Clickbank, Amazon product, eBay and more. Other top marketer capable to make $200 per day with Clickbank with Auto Wealth Maker apps - Click on Auto Wealth Maker reviews here for more detail.

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