Thursday, 11 August 2011

Best 5 Ways To Earn Money With Squidoo

Squidoo is a article directory that let you make money online easily and increase traffic to your blog and websites. Squidoo lens easy to setup, you just need to put title follow by select the appropriate category then you can start your engine rolling. Some expert lensmaster even can build a lens within 15 mins. If you're still not a member on Squidoo, SIGN UP now for free!

Someone able to earn over $1000 per month with squidoo and some won't. See Squidoo guru Michelle get monthly paid out from Squidoo.It all in your control, is you the one who capable to monetize your lense. You can choose which moneymaker opportunity module to place in your lenses to gain the highest paid out from Squidoo. Keep on sharing with your friends and other, let people know your work then you have better chance of earning money from them.Looking for top methods to get the most from Squidoo? Keep on reading below to find out how you can make money at home with Squidoo.

# 1: The Amazon Module
Amazon module is the best money maker opportunity that you can place inside your lens. You can place almost everything from Amazon including books, DVDs, electronic stuff, Camera, video games console and more. Squidoo is top Amazon affiliate site where you can gain 8.5% tier commission. Which mean, if $100 sale happen via Squidoo's Amazon module, you get $8.5 but due to 50% revenue sharing terms, net sharing commission earned by you is $4.25.

#2 : The eBay Module
The eBay module work the same way like Amazon where you can get direct affiliate paid from them. You need to know which relevant products that need to accurately place in your lens. Don't put something not relevant with your writing content. Example, If your lens talk about Xbox 360 console fix but you place a workout guide as eBay module, this definitely won't help you generate any sale. 

Normally my practice will search relevant item in Amazon. If fail to do so, i'll try my luck in eBay and place the particular product in eBay module.

#3 : The Text Ads Link - Infolinks

Text ads link or In-Text ads there are so many naming given for this kind of money making ads that run on your lens. It work with system will automatically match a handful and hot searches keywords on your lens with related ads. The relevant keywords will be underlined with green color indicated there is an ads under this words.

How to enable In-Text ads in Squidoo?
Goto Setting -> click the Ad Setting tab -> Click on Include In-Text Ads option. 

#4 : Google Adsense - This is my favorite
Adsense is a core of making money online, it allow Squidoo site to keep on running, give money to charity and pay for their lensemaster. 50% of the adsense ads earning will goto big ad pool for lensmaster every month. If your lens reach the top ranking, you will have the most cut of the bonus pie with around $30 per article. Imagine you have 10 top high ranking articles, then your monthly income can reach $300 easily. 

# 5: Chitika Ads

Chitika work perfectly with adsense that place in the same spot together. Chitika display ads base on what people searches for it. Chitika work a bit model compare with other ads where it display ads which are relevant to what someone typed in to Google which lead it to your lens.

Example: If your lens talk about Kim Kardashian Clothing and dresses and someone search Kim Workout plan then Chitika ads will do their best to target to Kim Kardashin workout plan instead of their style and dressing instead.

How to enable Chitika ads in Squidoo?
Goto Setting -> click the Ad Setting tab -> Click on Include Chitika Ads option. 

If you're blogger that interested to add in Chitika ads for money making alternative, then you can have a free SIGN UP Chitika account here.  You can monetize blog by place adsense and Chitika together.