Monday, 29 August 2011

Waiting Get Paid From ExpertsColumn - Personal Expertscolumn Reviews

Expertscolumn is a great article directory where paid their member by unique views (CPM basic). The rate is depends upon the current CPM of the site of the whole. For example, if the current CPM is $5.00, then you earn $5.00 per every 1000 unique views that your articles generated. Expertcolumn is currently PR3. I'm joined ExpertsColumn for 2 months now, so far i'm pretty sactify with their service in term of support and response. Min payout is $5 via paypal or Moneybookers. You can choose either one payment methods from their sites.

If you interested to make money online by writing article, come and join us in Expertscolumn. Sign Up Free Today!

Your article need to be original and unique in order to get published there. I'm already posted 20 articles there and get steady 30-40 page views per day in Expertscolumn. Expertscolumn is a revenue sharing site and in the same time generate do-follow backlinks to boost your website and blog traffic. See example of my article published in Expertcolumn: Great Dragon Tattoos Design for Men

Expertscolumn build-in with stat feature where you can monitor articles performance in term of total views and searches keywords. Plus, you can sort and filter by days, week or months to analysis in depth of your article stat performance.

Expertscolumn also introduce referral program where you eligible to earn extra 10% of the earning make by your referral for the lifetime. For instants, if your referral earned $5.00 per 1000 page views which mean you entitled to get $0.50 for every 1k viewer from Expertscolumn.

I shall post my payment proof here once i got the payout from them next month.

Friday, 26 August 2011

List Of Top 10 Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Writing article online and get paid is the most easiest ways to make money online without any investment in term of money. But off course you need to put effort and times in order to build and write quality contents. There are tons of article directories on the net today that provide such services but you need to choose the best among them. Below listed the top 10 most legitimacy and trusted revenue sharing article directories reviews in 2011.

  1. Squidoo - PR7 - Squidoo is the lead of article submit site where provide revenue sharing in term of Adsense, Amazon affiliate product commission, Chitika, Infolinks and more. Best of all, you don't need to own an Adsense account in order to get paid by Squidoo. They give rewards base on tier system, where higher ranking of your article place then high % of paid you will get. Sign Up Free! 
  2. Triond - PR5  - Triond is another great article writing site that let you to integrate Google Adsense right into your published content. You get 50% of ads click revenue sharing while Triond get another 50% of Adsense ads paid. But Triond also paid you per impression as well, which mean the more unique visitors get into your articles then Triond will paid you $1 per 1000 per views. Sign Up Free!
  3. Bukisa - PR5 - Bukisa is a great article site where you can share ideas/ knowledge and earn money in the same time. You can choose either integrate affiliate earning with Chitika or Adsense. You earn 60% revenue sharing with every ads click happen on Chitika/Adsense. You can republish your own articles content in Bukisa, but ensure that those content are originally written by you.
  4. Hubpages - PR6 - Hubpages had change their policy since Feb 2011 due to Google Panda update. They pretty straight in term of quality and originality of content published. So, if you're enthusiastic writer that passion about everything and aim high to earn money online, then you can give a try. Hubpages allow hubber to earn money with 60% revenue sharing from Adsense, Amazon, Ebay module. Now they also integrate with own Hubpages Ads program where you can gain rewards base on unique views.Hubpages build in with template where you can includes photos, video, poll, link and even map modules inside your articles content. 
  5. Flixya - PR5 - Flixya is a 100% Adsense revenue sharing site where you can post blog, video and pictures. You can published original article in Flixya and make decent of money from there.
  6. Seekyt - PR2 - begin as a social bookmarking site then slowly transform to become an article directory where you can integrate Adsense and Amazon associate program inside. You get 60% of ads click while Seekyt get 40%. Sign Up Free Now!
  7. Expertcolumn - PR3 - Expertcolumn is not revenue sharing site but you can make money with unique page views. The more visitor flow into you article then you make more money. Base on 20 articles published in their site, i got $1.5 per 1000 page views. Sign Up for Free!
  8. Infobarrel - PR4 - Infobarrel is a great revenue sharing article directory where you can get 60% of ads click and Amazon product sale commission as well. Besides, you can also integrate Chitika with Infobarrel as well. Click to sign up Now!
  9. Best-Reviewer - PR4 - Best Reviewer is a new site just launched in 2010 and rocket up to PR4 ranking within half year. You can publish top articles and salary pages inside. With integrated Adsense, you can get 100% of ads clicked paid. Besides, it also allow do-follow link and build massive backlink back to your blog and websites. Great site to try on! Sign Up for Free Now!
  10. Blogger - Finally, is your very own blog. 100% adsense paid per click. Amazon available also 100% commission per sale.

If you still don't get enough of above list, go and visit - Get Paid To Write Articles Online Sites for More!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

TipsBase - Get Paid Writing Articles Online - 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing

Tipsbase is another articles writing site that provide 100% Adsense revenue sharing to their member. The more you publish articles inside Tipsbase, the higher possibility to gain reward from there. Tipsbase have set up a simple system that allows you to get paid for publishing your tips, tricks, advices and HowTo. It include wide range of topics and categories includes: video games, health, gambling, hobbies and games, pets, shopping, technology and etc.

I did check on PR checker, currently Tipsbase still in PR2, still consider low PR site compare Triond, Hubpages and Squidoo where over PR5. But it definitely an opportunity for you to earn some money online and most of all you can build backlinks to your blog and websites as well.

Here is my TipsBase article: How To Get More Followers On Twitter.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

WebAnswers - Make Money By Answering Question

I came across WebAnswers past few days. It definitely a cool site and great opportunity to earn extra income online. WebAnswers share ads royalties by using Google Adsense, you just need to raise questions or answer question posted by other users. It's easy and only takes minutes.

WebAnswers is completely FREE to signup, you don't need to pay anything, complete zero fee require. You can ask any questions on various of categories includes computer and electronic, baby, pregnant, education, entertainment and art, home and garden, travel and more. Just sit back and relax as you receive answers from community members.

I'm been joining this site for 2 weeks now and seeing my adsense income boosting up by posting 84 questions and answers. See example of question posted: How To Build Your Own Websites

How To Earn More In WebAnswers - Tips To Success

  • When you asking question, please put in detailed per subjects. Elaborate more specifically what you're looking to get answered. The more in depth information you provided, the more accurate you'll find suitable answers right away!
  • Once you received an answer that satisfactorily your question, advisable that you award the best answer to the particular member that help you. Click on the red button that indicated best answer and your question will be awarded to that member.Member that answered most persist question and awarded will earn ongoing Google Adsense advertising revenue sharing. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Top Google Adsense Alternative

Everyone knew Adsense is fundamental core source of money maker online. If you lost Adsense account, does it mean you're doom, bye bye to the online world? Perhaps not, there are tons of paid per click ads networking around that provide similarity as what Adsense can give you. So, keep on reading and check what are those top rated Google Adsense alternative that you can look for, just in case your adsense got suspended or disabled like me.

Chitika is an ideal choice for Google Adsense replacement and in fact many websites even share Chitika revenue with member such as Infobarrel and Bukisa. Chitika ads are NOT contextual and more toward pay-per-click based. Chitika ads display depend of search engines keywords, this mean you have higher chance to have targeted click, CTR is high and earn more paid. Min payout is $10 via Paypal and $50 via check. You can read more advantages of Chitika on my blog.

Most of the ads in AdBrite are CPM based but they do pay well for clicks ads too. AdBrite work perfectly with Adsense as AdBrite ads are not contextual. AdBrite ads come from wide range of ad products include inline ads, full page ads and even video. Min payout is $5 via check - this is what you been looking for.

Infolinks is a in-text advertisement based. If you need to get high pay from Infolinks, then you need to have quality content in your blog/websites. High paying keyword in your content are highlighted and when mouse pointer is move over on them, an ads displayed out. People click on the ads, then money flow into your account. Payments are in 60 days via Paypal ( $10).

Besides above mentioned top Google Adsense alternative in the market today, there are other such as Bidvertiser , TTZ Media, Nuffnang and Clicksor also best rated alternative selection for online market to monetize their blog and websites.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Google Adsense Account Disabled My Account. What Should I Do Next?

It all happen in a sudden yesterday. When i  login to my blogger account as usual and my jaw drop down saw my Adsense account been disabled. The reason given that my site may bring risk to generate invalid activities. Problem is i'm not even making my first click here in my blog, still zero. No click at all happen since this blog build in 31 July then why they shut down my account due to invalid or fault click. It really didn't make any sense! This is the notification email i got from adsense:

After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense accountposes a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have aresponsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs dueto invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSenseaccount. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue willboth be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

I already posted a appeal form to explain to Adsense team regrading what happen and seek for reasonable cause of why my adsense been disabled. But i know the percentage to get back my account is very very very..................low. I searched in online forum and read several articles mentioned that Google is very straight in term of re active back your disabled account even though you have a valid reason. What i can do now is just wait the response from them.  

The only weird thing happen is that observed got spike of traffic jump up in 10/8/2011 and 11/8/2011. I got $2 from the impression earning but when i track the refferal URL, it didn't show any corresponded websites or IP address. Hope that Adsense team can review and looking into my matter asap. Adsense is core of making money online, without Adsense mean you lost half of the jungle. Don't know will i still continue of my blogging and other online journey. Still so many questions inside my head. As for temporally solution, i place a Chitika ads inside my blog as backup.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't Copy Paste My Blog - Script That Protect Your Blog From Plagiarize

I'm not sure about you, but i definitely don't like blog content appear similarly in other blog. Worst part is that they copy it word by word, no change anything at all and even didn't leave a resource, note or comment that mentioned that they copy paste it to their blog. This kind of people really make me angry!

After some searches through the web, i'm came across a simple scripting that can protect your blog content steal from thief. This simple coding will unable them to right click and select your blog. If you don't really care about plagiarize then you can ignore this trick.

Goto blog setting then choice Template -> Edit HTML. Find this code <body> then replace with this code:

<body onmousedown="return false" oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false">

Try for yourself, and let me know whether is workable for you or not. It work fine for me!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Best 5 Ways To Earn Money With Squidoo

Squidoo is a article directory that let you make money online easily and increase traffic to your blog and websites. Squidoo lens easy to setup, you just need to put title follow by select the appropriate category then you can start your engine rolling. Some expert lensmaster even can build a lens within 15 mins. If you're still not a member on Squidoo, SIGN UP now for free!

Someone able to earn over $1000 per month with squidoo and some won't. See Squidoo guru Michelle get monthly paid out from Squidoo.It all in your control, is you the one who capable to monetize your lense. You can choose which moneymaker opportunity module to place in your lenses to gain the highest paid out from Squidoo. Keep on sharing with your friends and other, let people know your work then you have better chance of earning money from them.Looking for top methods to get the most from Squidoo? Keep on reading below to find out how you can make money at home with Squidoo.

# 1: The Amazon Module
Amazon module is the best money maker opportunity that you can place inside your lens. You can place almost everything from Amazon including books, DVDs, electronic stuff, Camera, video games console and more. Squidoo is top Amazon affiliate site where you can gain 8.5% tier commission. Which mean, if $100 sale happen via Squidoo's Amazon module, you get $8.5 but due to 50% revenue sharing terms, net sharing commission earned by you is $4.25.

#2 : The eBay Module
The eBay module work the same way like Amazon where you can get direct affiliate paid from them. You need to know which relevant products that need to accurately place in your lens. Don't put something not relevant with your writing content. Example, If your lens talk about Xbox 360 console fix but you place a workout guide as eBay module, this definitely won't help you generate any sale. 

Normally my practice will search relevant item in Amazon. If fail to do so, i'll try my luck in eBay and place the particular product in eBay module.

#3 : The Text Ads Link - Infolinks

Text ads link or In-Text ads there are so many naming given for this kind of money making ads that run on your lens. It work with system will automatically match a handful and hot searches keywords on your lens with related ads. The relevant keywords will be underlined with green color indicated there is an ads under this words.

How to enable In-Text ads in Squidoo?
Goto Setting -> click the Ad Setting tab -> Click on Include In-Text Ads option. 

#4 : Google Adsense - This is my favorite
Adsense is a core of making money online, it allow Squidoo site to keep on running, give money to charity and pay for their lensemaster. 50% of the adsense ads earning will goto big ad pool for lensmaster every month. If your lens reach the top ranking, you will have the most cut of the bonus pie with around $30 per article. Imagine you have 10 top high ranking articles, then your monthly income can reach $300 easily. 

# 5: Chitika Ads

Chitika work perfectly with adsense that place in the same spot together. Chitika display ads base on what people searches for it. Chitika work a bit model compare with other ads where it display ads which are relevant to what someone typed in to Google which lead it to your lens.

Example: If your lens talk about Kim Kardashian Clothing and dresses and someone search Kim Workout plan then Chitika ads will do their best to target to Kim Kardashin workout plan instead of their style and dressing instead.

How to enable Chitika ads in Squidoo?
Goto Setting -> click the Ad Setting tab -> Click on Include Chitika Ads option. 

If you're blogger that interested to add in Chitika ads for money making alternative, then you can have a free SIGN UP Chitika account here.  You can monetize blog by place adsense and Chitika together.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How To Get Organic Traffic Using SEO Techniques

Have you ever wonder why in most of the make money online forum always appear "Organic Traffic" term in their content? What the hell actually is organic traffic? Well, basically organic traffic is the search traffic that come naturally from various search engines by using SEO strategy. SEO is acronym for search engine optimization that use to gain traffic and how to fast indexed by search engines to your websites.

Methods on how to get organic traffic to flow into your blog and websites is essential element for internet marketer where you not need to paid for advertising or participate in any traffic exchange sites to increase page impression.  Without using correct SEO skill, it almost impossible to wait for search engine crawls and get your site listed top page of their searches result.

We love Google, everyone love Google! Many of those SEO gurus will teach you how to focus and apply SEO techniques in Google to gain organic traffic. In order to get high organic traffic, generally you need to  get it work to rank top in Google SERPS ( Search engines results page). Example, if people type in "Make money online" in Google search and your site appear in first page of Google search then you're the man!

How to make sure you can get more organic traffic from search engines to your blog or webpages? You need to know well in keyword research. How to find high searches and low competitive keywords to put in your content? If you don't have any idea of how to find a relevant and correct keywords, recommended you get a professional tools - Niche Finder to help you to find SEO keywords and generate long trail keywords base on the seed keywords that you select. When you have done good keyword research, you'll have determine what people are searching for and you will be able to provide them exactly that.

Besides keywords research, you need to optimize search engines by include appropriate tag on your blog and websites content. You need to add in main keyword phrase represented to help your blog and web sites easily found during phrase searches by others.

How To Build An iPhone Apps By Yourself

Have you ever dream to develop your very own trademarked iPhone apps? Would you like to become the next Ethan Nicholas that make millions of dollar each month only by selling iPhone apps? There are million of iPhone sold since the first week launched by Apple and the number is keep on growing. How you can make the most of this opportunity? Can you imagine the iPhone market today and grep the opportunity to make money by selling iPhone apps?

Click on this link and know more detail on How To Begin An Iphone Apps Development.

There are certain path that you need to been through before can develop a complete iPhone or iPad apps. On the market today, only limited reliable resource that can provide full tutorial step-by-step on how to develop an application for your iPhone from scratch. But don't worry there are always tips to guide and get well on your way.

Programming, coding and operate iPhone apps development tools is the most frustrating and exhilarating portion that you need to gone through when you decides to program an iPhone apps. But you can't escape from this reality, you need to stick with it with smart approaches instead of hard ways.

Arm up your gear and go back to school today!

Apple not only spent million of dollar to develop iPhone technology but they also provide free iPhone development courses that allow people to join and learn to program for iPhone. iTuneU is a powerful distribution system for everything from over 350,000 lectures to languages lessons, films to lab and audiobook to tours. It is a useful and innovative ways to get educational content into a hand of students. Visit Apple's iTuneU today!

To lazy study from the basic level? Don't worry about it, there are new tools and websites poping up everyday online that provide guide and tutorial to let you learn how to develop an Iphone or Ipad applications without programming skill needed. Yeah, you listen me correctly. NO programming and coding needed!

Recommended AppsDevSecret that allow you to create an iPhone apps or iPad app with no programming skill needed. It provides you with an app business guide all in box offer, guiding you every steps of the way through develop an iPhone apps with no coding knowledge required. To make things even more remarkable, three incredible bonuses gifts are included. Bonus # 1: you'll receive your own source code to use to set your foundation for developing own apps. Bonus # 2: you're given a guide that will show you how to leverage free apps for profit and third, you re shown how to can protect your intellectual property and stay out of legal trouble. The best part is they'll offering 100% money back guarantee for full 60 days after purchase. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Blogging Tips : Top 6 Easy and Free Tips To Increase Blog Traffic and Readership

Everyone can setup a new blog within minute but the main problem is how you get traffic to flow into your blog? Many beginner blogger struggling their way out to figure out methods to generate massive traffic that turn traffic into earning online.

If you're one of them then you come into the right spot. Here will share with you top 13 surefire free methods that can improve blog traffic with dedicated effort and simple SEO techniques.

1. Content is king. Quality content is essential to build good blog traffic.
You blog post must be rich original and unique content that allow search engine to index your page easily. Search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing given priority to unique content to get listed in search engine fast. Do write informative, ideas sharing and every green content that capable to provide long term traffic to your blog. Choosing the right niche is key to success in blog marketing. You need to research what people are looking for online and provide detail reviews in your blog.

If you don't have any idea on how to look for best SEO keyword tool, recommended NicheFinder software that help you to find the most relevant and effective keywords with competition analysis.

2. Submit your blog to Social Bookmarking sites.
There are over thousand of free social bookmarking sites that can help you to build backlinks and improve blog traffic for free. Top social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Jumptags have well community within that can boost up your traffic and generate backlinks. Besides, you can also sign up for other revenue sharing social bookmarking sites that allow you to add online income and increase traffic in the same times. Below are some legit revenue sharing social bookmarking sites that really paid:

Submit to social bookmarking sites manual one by one is time consuming and very tiring technique. You gonna be crazy if you repeat to add each description, blog URL and tag on each social bookmarking sites everyday! Recommended Social Bookmarking Demon, that capable to allow you to submit up to 200 high PR social bookmarking sites with one single click of button.

View below video clip on how Social Bookmarking Demon work.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO technique is a must know skill for every pro and beginner blogger in order to get more organic traffic from search engine into your blog. SEO allow search engine easy to find your blog and index your content on top of search engine page rank (PR). Use high searches and relevant keyword on your blog to allow post listed higher in search result.

4. Submit to Article Writing Sites
Besides social bookmarking , another great way to promote your blog is submit to free online article directories. Most of the article submit sites give your great deal of offer where you can earn extra online income by revenue sharing and provide backlinks juice to your blog. Below are few legit article directories sites that paid to write. I'm personally already received numerous time of payment from them since 2009.

5. Utilize and Actively Involve In Social Networking Sites and Forum
To get massive traffic into your blog, effort to keep on promoting can't be stop. You need to endlessly keep on build backlinks with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to get active and build friends with other that are same interest with you. Build a good reputation and start sharing ideas and knowledge in communities that link back your sites. Join forum with good participation and updated your profile page with your blog URL to drive targeted traffic link back to your blog. 

6. Keep On Posting and Improve your Blog
Do dedicated yourself to keep on posting new and fresh content 2-3 post per week. Ping your updated blog post with free search engine ping services available online such as Higher frequency to get  unique content posted in your blog will allow search engine easy crawl your site and listed top page of Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. Besides, blogger need to improve their blog with user friendly features and fresh outlook template to gain more visitors stop by participate in blog activities. You can add in poll voting features, making achieve and include games inside blog to let visitors entertained when drop by your blog.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Top 4 Ways To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Many people don't really realize how much money they actually can earn online with Amazon affiliate program. Since working online in 2009 until now, Amazon had become my main source of internet income that perfectly give me approximately $400 per month as a result of dedication, SEO, backlinks building, articles writing, usage of social network and blog posting. If you're beginner that just step inside internet marketing and figure out how to achieve high goal with Amazon affiliate, you can refer below Amazon money making tips that can consider as reference.

1. Wisely use of SEO and choose the relevant Amazon product
Correct SEO strategy with targeted customer is the main point to continually increase Amazon sales. It include 2 main key item : choosing relevant keyword and correct niche & products to write reviews. For example, i had start write review on Xbox 360 accessories until my site well stabilized and capable to build a strong foundation of targeted visitors that flow in my site daily. Now start to expand it by introduce other relevant Xbox 360 products such as Xbox 360 games, console, controller and more. Eventually, related accessories will available on Amazon and sale will happen. You the one who gain the most benefit from it.

2. Keyword Research and Choose the correct Keyword
Don't use keyword that lack searches and narrow to include in your Amazon product reviews. Instead, focus on what people really looking for an item with long trail keywords. Try to include keyword which includes: best deal, cheap, top rated and best reviews. Most of the people interested to understand more detail on the product specification before really pulling their wallet to buy the item.

If you don't have any idea on how to look for best SEO keyword tool, recommended NicheFinder software that help you to find the most relevant and effective keywords with competition analysis.

Click on video clip below to find out how you can use Niche Finder software for keyword research tool reviews.

3. Use Article Marketing To Boost Amazon Sale
Article writing is the fastest and easiest way to get Amazon product promoted and increase traffic via using backlinks. You can write articles and products reviews in your blog follow by rewrite relevant content in other articles directories such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezinearticles and Bukisa to boost up your backlinks juice and increase products promotion. You can refer to List of Get Paid To Write Article Online Site to search for legit  article sites that paid you to write online.

Recommended that allow you to promote affiliate products by writing top product reviews and boost your sites traffic in the same times. Checkout my Streaming Player for Netflix Reviews.

4. Use Social Networking To Promote Amazon Products
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is a great platform where you can promote Amazon link to your friend and other by sending link suggestion and let the cash flow into your account automatically. But you need to take note in order no to create spam link to other users and let other feel annoying of your link and reputation.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Free Auto Backlinks Generator Tools

Just stumble upon great sites that capable to let you generate over 300 free backlinks to your websites and blog for free. You don't need to register or sign up any account. You just need to insert your website or blog URL inside the text field then press "generate" button then boom, it all done! You got free 300 backlinks generated to your blog. Just that easy! I try it myself and now is your turn to flow traffic to your blog right now.

After completed submit your URL, it will give you a summary of site summary and a backlinks to your site will display.

1. - Auto backlinks generator software that build and give your instant 325 backlinks to your website and blogs.
2. - Automatically generate 104 backlinks right to your site.

If you think that is not enough to juice up your blog with auto backlinks generator, then you should put some investment and get some harvest result from Backlinks Profit Monster that instantly boost your search engine ranking and increase your income with this professional software.

With Backlinks Profit Monster, you can:

  • Instantly know your top 10 competitors
  • Get their high PR backlinks automatically with only one push button.
  • Faster number 1 Google ranking 
Checkout below video clip on how to use Backlinks Profit Monster and find out Backlink Profit Monster review by clicking link above.

How To Setup Linkwithin Thumbnail Post Link Widget

I surf several just now and notice that most searches blog include linkwithin features that able to link within related blog post with display thumbnail.

I got one just now in my blog, like below:
With Linkwithin, you can:
  • You can show related blog post and story under each post
  • Increase pageviews and keep reader engaged
  • Elegant designed and easy to setup. You need to spend a minutes to get it done and no sign up required.
  • and most important it FREE to install.

Install Linkwithin Widget Now!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blogging Tips - Top 6 Secret To Increase Earning and Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone love blogging nowaday. There are every 20 new blogs created in the worlds every minutes. Just imagine the competition against blogger to gain and increase traffics among them. How you can get a lot of traffic on your blog without spending a dime of money? Below are top 6 must do tips for blogger in order to get earning from your blog. Check this out!

  1. Get a correct blogging platform to start on. There are several free online blogging platform you can choose : Blogger, Wordpress, Weblog and more. For me, i stick with blogger ( It easy to setup and flexible to use. You can start your first ever blog within few minutes of times and got build-in template that get you integrate with Adsense and Amazon earning as well. Thumb up!
  2. What you gonna write inside your blog. Get a niche and topic that you interested with. If you love to make money online, then you can write almost everything on how you earn money online fast. Find a niche that you knowledge and passion about it. 
  3. Keep on update and posting your content. You can dedicated yourself to post 2-3 post per week for a beginner and increase the frequency when you get familiar with your blog. You do need to emphasize on content quality as well. Do share your ideas and make your blog benefits to others. Ensure others keep on coming to your blog for more.
  4. Intergrate blog with Google Adsense and other network ads program. If you still yet to get an Adsense account, go and register in:  . Besides Adsense, there are other alternative blog earning sources that can increase your income such as Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera and pay per post.
  5. SEO Search engine optimization - Master SEO skill to allow other find your blog easily and get search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo index your blog instantly. Get your blog in first page of Google search mean everything for blogger or internet marketer. Top SEO traffic = most visitors = more PPC = more money! Search engine optimization techniques includes use catchy title on your blog, keywords research, create do-follow backlinks, social network promotion, publicity and articles marketing.
  6. Affiliate program - You can increase blog income by selling other people stuff and get commission of your sale.  You don't need to keep inventory and no after sale services needed. Check out top rated affiliate program such as Clickbank, Amazon product, eBay and more. Other top marketer capable to make $200 per day with Clickbank with Auto Wealth Maker apps - Click on Auto Wealth Maker reviews here for more detail.

You also interested with these:

Friday, 5 August 2011

Increase Traffic, Create Backlinks and Earn Adsense Revenue Sharing With

Lately i came across where is a articles writing site that give increase your adsense revenue and promote your blog and websites as well. is a revenue sharing community of writers. You write unique articles, promote content and make money sharing your ideas with others.

What features inside

  • Seekyt is a do-follow article site that allow you create backlinks to promote your blog and websites, excellent for SEO
  • Fast crawled and indexed by search engine
  • 85% organic traffic come from search engine and 90% are from Google.
  • Adsense revenue sharing - 65% for all impression come from your published content
  • Social community site - share your ideas, leave comment, make friends, share content to Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarking sites.
  • Follow adsense TOS rule. Your account safe in
  • and more
You can click this link to see what i had published in - List of Rihanna Tattoos With Meaning and Explanation.

If you interested to get paid to write articles online and yet a member of Seekyt, sign up today by clicking below banner!

How To Get Massive High Traffic To Your Blog and Websites

In order to generate income from your blog and websites the basic fundamental element you need is: TRAFFIC!!. No traffic = No earning = No Money! Every internet market struggling they head to appear first page in Google search ranking. Once you successful did that mean your blog or webpages will crowed with organic traffic with target customers and audiences.

OK. How you generate free traffic by using available basic web tool? Here will share with you top 5 tips on how to build a lot of traffic flow into your blog and web pages.

  1. Keep on posting content. If you're blogger then you need to be hard working and putting effort to continually update and posting content. Do put initiative to yourself to post 2-3 content inside your blog and web pages everyday. Quality and catchy topic definitely will attract traffic to keep on coming to your blogs.
  2. Creating Backlinks . Make contents and blog posted link to each other. By linking all those new and old post together will generate extra traffic to your pages. More backlinks mean you are generating more possibility for other to search your sites well and improving search engine optimization opportunity.
  3. Publicity and socialization. Write and publish a blog post and content is not enough, you need to how to promote and socialize in order to increase web pages publicity and generate massive traffic to view your sites. Actively involve in social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, Youtube, Twitter, and Mypages. Link your blog inside personality profile pages. Create visibility and promote sites effectively and free. Don't know how to use Twitter? How to increase Twitter followers? Click on HERE to know more detail how to get more Twitter followers for free!
  4. Ping your blog or web sites. Use free SEO ping tool online to ping your blog and sites to increase search engine faster index and crawl updated contents. Below are some of the free ping sites:,, and more..
  5. Understand and apply SEO skill well. Brush up your search engine optimization skill. What search engines behavior and how to get the most of search engines?  Use proper keyword with top search by people. Put effort in keyword research and niche topic that hot searches by people on the web.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Google Adsense Alternative - Chitika Revenue Sharing Sites

Don't put eggs in the same basket. Believe many other know the meaning of it. In order to generate residual income online, you can't only depend with one single source of earning. Do you ever think of one day your adsense account get banned by Google? What you'll do to keep on survive in online marketing?

Chitika is one of the advertising network that you can consider. How does Chitika actually work? Chitika work pretty same ways as Adsense. It paid per valid click. Some people even say that Chitika work and earn more compare with Adsense.

If you not yet a member of Chitika, click on below banner to sign up now!

Get Chitika Premium

Advantage and Disadvantage of Chitika
Advantage : Chitika does paid per valid click and impression. The Chitika reports only will display out once fully audited. This mean you get genuine results of earning and you not need to wait until end of the month in order to get your earning finalized.

Disadvantage: Chitika only displayed their ads that come from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and not showing up when traffic come from social networking, blog and other referral links. Which mean, ads click that directly targeted from search engine get higher paid per rate compare with others source of traffic and increase the earning per click.

Chitika Revenue Sharing Sites

Frankly, there are not many sites that offer Chitika revenue sharing compare with Adsense. You can check on List of Revenue Sharing Articles Writing Sites. Below are 2 revenue sharing sites that allow Chitika ads click sharing.

1. Infobarrel
Infobarrel is a great site for revenue sharing, they share 75% impression on your published content. Guess what? The percentage will increase up to 90% every month if your meet their requirement of total pointed accumulated.  On each article that over 1000 words, you'll get 5 points. Once reached 30 points, then you eligible to get 90% impression earning via your articles.

Interested to get paid from Infobarrel? Sign up Infobarrel for free now!

2. Bukisa
Bukisa is a popular revenue sharing articles writing site. Initially, Bukisa paid their member with Bukisa index where publisher get certain amount of paid out per 1000 viewer. Example $4 per 1000 unique viewers for instant. But due to traffic exchange sites and spammers that misused their advantages, in the beginning of 2011, Bukisa decided to change their policy and paid their member via revenue sharing.

Bukisa provides optional affiliate earning selection to their member. Member can choose to use Google Adsense or Chitika as their earning model. Revenue shared as 60% mean if put Adsense in to your Bukisa content then you will get 60% of total ads click. Chitika share by 60% impression.

Example of Chitika ads displayed in Bukisa: Sexy Female Foot Tattoos Design

3. In Your Own Blog
Yeah, you're correct! You definetely can place Chitika ads in your own blog and get 100% of ads impression.

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Step by Step How To Make Money On Squidoo

SQUIDOO is the best online article submit directory that allow you to get revenue sharing via Adsense, Amazon affiliate, Chitika and Infolinks as well. Squidoo build-in with sophisticated and ease to use module base lens builder where you can create your own article by as simple as drag and drop.

If you still not yet a member of Squidoo, you can SIGN UP free here.

Is it possible to make money in Squidoo?
The answer is yes. Squidoo can help lensemaster to generate residual income by only submitting online articles but the question is how long it will take and get prepared to actually get paid online. Personally, to get your first $100 you need to set a goal for 4 months. Squidoo not a get rich over night scam, you definitely need to put extra effort in order to dig a gold from it. Once you get familiar with Squidoo, your earning will grow tremendously and exponentially with steady income monthly.

Where to begin Making Money With Squidoo
Where to start? Let me think. In order to earn with Squidoo, you need to understand and pratise on SEO skill/term that usually appear in most of the making money online forum such as:

  • Keywords Research - How to use correct keyword and long trail key phrases in your content is essential to create quality content. Using the right keyword can draw massive traffic right into your article. Traffic mean everything in term of making money online. No traffic from search engine such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo mean you don't generate any ad click and you'll not get any sale from amazon. 
  • Quality Content - Content is king when you try to get paid online. You need to know what you need to put into your articles. Try to focus on Ever Green topic which mean topic that will be searching by other around the year instead of those sudden hit topic such as election result. Content of your article need to be in target on what niche topic that you'll be writing. Find niche that are low competition and high searches that allow people easy to locate your articles. 
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) - Basically, is how to let search engine index your article and easy to allocate your links. In order to make money online, your articles need to be search engine friendly where Google, Yahoo or Bing search spider can index your blog or website instantly.

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