Sunday, 31 July 2011

List of Get Paid To Write Articles Online Sites

The easiest way to make money online is to write articles and submit it online. But where should you submit your articles? Which article directory that actually legit and paid for their members? I'm be working online for 2 years now and below are article submit directory that always keep paying me monthly.

1. Squidoo - Squidoo is the most trusted get paid to write site where they will give you revenue sharing base on page view. They will divide Google adsense paid in pool per ranking tier. Tier 1 get around $30 per article, tier 2  is around $5 and follow by tier 3 is $0.05. Besides, you could get 50% amazon product's affiliate earning as well. Squidoo build-in with easy use and friendly amazon module where you can insert numerous of products in your article ( they called it lens). Plus, you can get extra income by chitika and infolinks paid as well.

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2. Triond - Triond no doubt is a cool article submit site where you require an original content in order to publish there. Min pay out is $0.50 via Paypal. Triond paid per page view and you can integrate Adsense account inside Triond as well, where you get 50% revenue sharing earning. I'm personally published around 200 articles in Triond and get massive traffic from there.

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3. Best Reviewer - Best reviewer is a new article submit site and boost up to PR4 within half year of operation. BV is easy to use. You can create top articles and salary page by just insert simple content. Besides, you got 100% google adsense earning with Best Reviewer! Best Reviewer can help to generate backlinks, boost your amazon product sale online, increase affiliate sales, drive traffic to your webpages and blogs and more..

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4. Expertcolumn - New discovered article site for me. It paid by page view 1000 viewer $1 with min pay out of $5 via paypal. You can republish your original content here from other directory as long as your user name is similar between 2 sites. You can generate do follow backlinks via expertcolumn. It easy to use and PR3 websites. Join expertcolumn today!

5. Bukisa - Bukisa is a 60% revenue sharing site staring from Feb 2011. Prior Bukisa is paid by page view due to difficult to sustain due to scammer and other reported reasons, Bukisa's admin decide to change they policy to revenue sharing instead of manage payment by themselves. If you don't have Google Adsense account, you can choose to use Chitika as your affiliate earning as well.

6. Seekyt - No many people know about Seekyt. It begin with social bookmarking site then slowly convert to a article directory where you can get 50% revenue sharing from what had published. This site require original content and you can share you knowledge to the world and get earn money with adsense and amazon sharing.

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7. Hubpages - Why i put hubpages in the end of my list  mainly due to recently Hubpages team change their policy crazily with straight with their rule of content and quality of publishable articles. So, if you're serious writter then you can go ahead with hubpages. It a 60% revenue sharing sites and they also provide internal Hubpages Ad program then give you paid per view earning.

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